Cirque du Soleil – Luzia

Eventmasters are delighted to offer exquisite hospitality packages for one of the largest theatrical producers in the world. The spectacular Luzia makes its way to The Royal Albert Hall during January and February 2020. This amazing show is inspired by Mexican culture and consists of 44 artists from 15 countries. This really will truly be an unforgettable experience!

History of Cirque du Soliel

Cirque du Soliel was founded in 1984 by two former street performers, Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix in Quebec, Canada. The company’s first show, Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil was met with critical acclaim but struggled financially. The company were able to secure funding from the Canadian government in order to continue running for a second year. Laliberté and Guy Caron, the artistic director had a strong vision for the direction of future shows. They were committed to producing shows where the performers were the main attraction. This meant veering away from the use of a ring or animals, which would only detract from the amazing talent of the artists. 

Still plagued by financial difficulties, the company went out on limb in 1987 by performing at the Los Angeles Arts Festival. The company only had enough funds for a one way ticket to the festival. Thankfully, the show was a huge success and the company was able to tour across North America, England and Paris. This was a truly defining moment for the company who are now the largest theatre production company in the world. 

Every show is truly spectacular, filled with awe inspiring artists, who are sure to take your breath away!