Brit-Tastic Sporting Weekender

Brit-Tastic Sporting Weekender

What a weekend for the British as we host two of the weekend’s biggest sports tournaments. The summer sports calendar is well underway and The Brits are bringing it home.

It was in Silverstone where the victories began! Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton takes home his sixth British Grand Prix trophy as he celebrates on home soil. The British champion now has the most British GP’S, breaking James Clark five wins. The weekends action has taken Hamilton 39 points ahead of Mercedes team mate Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton’s Mercedes team mate Battos made a strong start to the race, which saw him take pole position. Later on Battos slipped behind after his two-stop strategy. Unlike Hamilton who decided on a one stop strategy, seeing him take his final lap with tyres that was around 30 laps old. The final push to the finishing line was Hamilton’s fastest lap. There are speculations about the stop strategy in the Mercedes camp, whether Battos could’ve be at a disadvantage due to the stop strategy. So could Hamilton’s stop strategy be another key factor to his win?

The race didn’t run too smoothly for fellow Red Bull and Ferrari rivals, after a collision between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. It has been reported that the incident was caused by Vettel, who has received a ten second penalty. But what’s left on everyone’s mind is whether the outcome would have been the same if the incident between the two drivers didn’t occur?

Lewis Hamilton shows that he was just warming up in Friday’s practise run, after he was beaten by Bottas fellow Mercedes driver and Ferraris Charles Leclerc by 0.006-0.009 seconds. But certainly, showed up for the main event at Silverstone.

And it doesn’t end there for Britain as we secure yet another victory on home soil.

The World Cup final was in its full glory on Sunday, and it was not your usual game. England was up against New Zealand, who were named as the tournament underdogs. And It wasn’t so easy for both teams as the game ended in a tie. This being a very unlikely result in the sport, but happened twice in Sunday’s game. Ending in a tie required both teams to have six extra balls for the final decider of the game. Lucky for the Brits their advantage with 26 boundaries to the Kiwis 17, saw them take the cricket World Cup Victory, not your usual cricket World Cup final.

The 2019 World Cup was New Zealand’s second attempt in the final, but it became another 2015 show, which saw them lose to Australia. The average innings score was very different to previous World Cups, with the first innings averaging around 271.

Ben Stokes gave the crowd one of his best performances as he impresses The Oval crowd with a one-handed catch, contributing to England’s victory.

The country celebrated their first cricket World Cup win, and are now hoping to be strong contenders in The Ashes. England will be back for more wins at Lords, where they will be up against Ireland in The Ashes tournament.

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