It’s all Oval: England Look to Level the Series in Final Ashes Test

Two losses, a draw and a win. To say that England’s Ashes journey has been a bumpy ride is an understatement. Cricket fans were left disheartened last weekend after a disappointing performance at Old Trafford. As we enter the fifth and final Ashes test at the KIA Oval, Australia may be taking the urn back down under but England still have the chance to level the series. After such a spectacular display at Headingley that will go down in cricket history, what exactly went wrong for England last week?

To criticise England’s strategy would perhaps be an easier pill to swallow than the verdict of numerous cricket fans. Many are conceding that we are simply not up to scratch and that Australia are merely the better cricket team this time around. It’s no coincidence that the only match in which we were victorious just so happened to be the one in which Steve Smith was absent due to injury. Despite being our opponent, there’s no denying that he performed magnificently at Old Trafford and remains the highest run scorer by far.

Just as Australia struggled with Smith’s absence, England have clearly been missing the presence of James Anderson. One of England’s all-time top bowlers, Anderson developed a calf injury one month before the Ashes series and only managed to bowl four overs in the first Test at Edgbaston. Stuart Broad revealed that he was hopeful that Anderson would return in time to bowl England to victory but alas the dream did not become reality. 37-year-old Anderson has expressed that he would like to continue playing cricket until the age of 40, meaning that he could potentially make the next Ashes series in two years’ time. Had he been present this time around, who’s knows how the results would have played out.

Both Broad and Archer have done their best to fill the void left by Anderson but something within the team was still incomplete last week. Cricket fans took to Twitter to argue who they thought the squad should consist of. Despite their suggestions, it was initially confirmed that there would be no changes to the squad for the fifth test. The news angered cricket fans, who questioned what we had to lose by giving other players a chance. It seems that the selectors perhaps placed too much focus on the success of Headingley and, therefore, decided not to alter the line-up.

However, it has since been announced that there will now be two alterations. Sam Curran and Chris Woakes will now join the team at The Oval, replacing Jason Roy and Craig Overton. The news has delighted cricket fans who are particularly pleased that Curran has now finally got a look in. Can these changes to the squad give the team the extra boost they need?

It probably hasn’t helped that England won the World Cup less than a month before The Ashes begun. What a high to have to come down from in such a short space of time! It’s been commented that England’s sole priority was to win the World Cup, leading to a lack of preparation for The Ashes. It would be a struggle for any team to conquer two major cricket competitions less than a month apart.

What seems most saddening is that the radiance of Ben Stokes’ fantastic Headingley performance is slowly starting to fade into insignificance. His innings were compared to that of cricket legend Ian Botham when he made his 149, also at Headingley. The difference with Botham’s performance is that England then went on to win the Ashes, meaning that his moment of triumph became part of a larger victory. Stokes has confirmed that he will continue to play in the finale despite his shoulder injury but this time as a specialist batter rather than a bowler. Hopefully his injury does not progress further into the Test as this would be yet another blow for the team!

All that being said, we may be down but we are certainly not out. It’s up to Joe Root to pull the team together and instil some much-needed energy. With a bit of luck, we can get through the final Test at The Oval and at least level the series. Failing that, this will be the first Ashes series loss on home soil since 2001. Can England give us some final glimpses of cricket glory and go out with a bang?

Headingley is Behind us: England Focus on Fourth Ashes Test

Cricket doesn’t really get much better than what we witnessed on the final day of the third Ashes Test. Ben Stokes was hailed the hero of Headingley and led England to a victory that cricket fans will talk about for years to come. England’s World Cup win teamed with the Headingley spectacle seems to have rekindled England’s passion for cricket. Stokes commented that ‘this summer has made cricket bigger than I ever remember it to be’ and how ‘the number of people who wait at the hotel for autographs has gone through the roof.’

It was a glorious win but it’s important to remember that although we won the battle, we are yet to win the war. Today, the vital fourth Ashes Test commences at Old Trafford. This is a crucial Test match for England; having drawn at Lord’s and lost at Edgbaston, they will be looking to take the win once more in order to claim back the Urn. The question is, how do England follow up at Old Trafford after such a momentous result that has gone down in cricket history?

Stokes has pointed out that Headingley’s performance will count for nothing if England do not win the series. Stokes stated that he ‘will only take real satisfaction from the innings if we win back the Ashes from Australia.’ At this stage, Australia only need to draw the series to take the urn back home with them. A great deal rests on this week’s performance and no doubt cricket fans will be on edge more than ever!

Unsurprisingly, Stokes’ recent innings have now made him prime target for Australia. Captain, Tim Paine, has revealed that he has lost sleep in preparation for the fourth Ashes Test and how best to deal with Stokes. ‘I haven’t lost a hell of a lot of sleep thinking about my captaincy but I have lost a bit of sleep thinking how we’re going to get him out, that’s for sure.’ It seems that Australia will take advantage of spinner, Nathan Lyons. Paine made note of how well Lyons has bowled to Stokes in past matches. ‘He’s created a number of chances each time he’s bowled to him but the other side of it is we hold our chances when Nathan is bowling to him. If we can do that, I think he can open the game up for us through that middle order.’ He then went on to note how he felt as though the team let Lyons down with their fielding during the past two Tests.

There have been clear instances across the series thus far where each team has struggled and put up disappointing performances. Will both England and Australia learn from their past mistakes and identify the strengths that led to each of their victories? Each side now stands equally with one win each under their belts. The fourth Ashes Test will certainly be a nail-biting experience. Can England re-create the Headingley magic at Old Trafford and keep the nation’s cricket passion alive indefinitely?

How Ben Stokes Reignited England’s Ashes Dream

It was a sensational display of cricket over the weekend. England claimed a one wicket victory during the third Ashes Test at Headlingley thanks to the mesmerising performance from batsman, Ben Stokes. Scoring an unbeaten 135, we examine the man who revived England’s Ashes dream.

Our chances of claiming the urn were not looking promising up until last Sunday. England had not put up the most inspiring Ashes performance, leaving many cricket fans in a state of disillusionment. With an Aussie victory during the first Test at Edgbaston and a draw during the second at Lord’s, fans could be forgiven for feeling a tad pessimistic. All remaining hopes of England winning the third Ashes Test lay on Stokes’ shoulders. Despite the tremendous pressure, Stokes was able to persevere in what has been described as one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. His efforts were precisely the standard of cricket we needed to see in order to lift our troubled spirits.

With England’s Ashes hopes teetering on the edge, it would be all too easy to buckle under the weight of cricket fan’s expectations. However, despite the cynicism, Stokes’ persistence brought about not only a fantastic result but a monumental sporting moment. His performance is a perfect example of what can be achieved when a sportsman is both focused and dedicated. Fellow cricketer and close friend, Moeen Ali, claimed that ‘what we witnessed on Sunday wasn’t a fluke, it was the result of hard work.’

Many are comparing Stokes’ performance to that of cricket legend, Ian Botham, when he made his unbeaten 149, also at Headingley, back in 1981. Beefy Botham himself recently commented that Stokes’ life will never be the same again. “He is public property but it is a great place to be in for the long term. It will set him up for life. He will reap the rewards which he richly deserves and he is now a box office attraction.’

Cricket Fans took to social media to voice their astonishment and excitement at the Ashes magic that was unfolding before our very eyes. As the runs continued, the anticipation expanded for England fans. Spectators were on the edge of their seats as the atmosphere intensified. Many have commented that we probably won’t get the chance to witness cricket action that intense for some time. Former captain of the Indian national cricket team, Sachin Tendulkar, commented how this was an example of how Test cricket can be the ‘toughest and most entertaining format of cricket’ and how Stokes’ innings are something that will be talked about ‘for a very long time’.

The man of the moment has recently attributed his sporting success to his wife Clare, stating how supportive she has been. Stokes has faced difficulty over the years. He was charged in relation to an incident that occurred outside a Bristol nightclub back in 2017. He credited Clare for being the one responsible for helping him turn his life around and focus back on cricket. ‘Your family go through everything with you, good and bad, so it is great to be able to celebrate with them at times like this.’ And just how do you think Mr Stokes celebrated this spectacular Ashes win? With none other than a £55 splurge at the McDonalds drive-thru!

This amazing win has unsurprisingly provided the nation with a healthy dose of Ashes fever. No doubt, Australia will have been left baffled by the whirlwind victory of their opponents. Australia will be looking to make a comeback during the fourth Test after their unbelievable defeat. Will they come back fighting or will this unexpected triumph have them rattled? Steve Smith is due to re-join The Baggy Greens after having to sit out the third Test at Lord’s due to concussion at the hands of Jofra Archer. With the Aussies star player back on the scene, who knows what the result will be. One thing that Sunday’s outcome proved is that cricket is not a game that can be easily predicted!

Ultimately, what a thrill it was to be able to witness such a triumphant moment of sporting history. We can confidently hold our heads high as we advance onto next Ashes Test at Old Trafford which begins on 4th September. Can England replicate the action of last weekend and bring us into victory once again?

The Ashes 2019: The Need for Steve

It was confirmed on Tuesday that Australia’s leading batsman, Steve Smith, will not play in the third Ashes Test match at Headingley today after suffering a concussion.

The third Ashes test match commences at Headingley Stadium today but one key player will be missing. It was day four of the second Test match at Lord’s when Steve Smith experienced the major blow at the hands of supreme fast bowler, Jofra Archer. Smith initially resumed his innings on the fifth day but was soon replaced by Marnus Labuschagne. Initially, Smith was confident that he would be fit enough to return to the game but was advised by medical staff to sit out the third Test match.

The question is, how will The Baggy Greens fair against England without Smith up their sleeve? Smith has been the leading run-scorer this series, scoring 144 and 142 at Edgbaston and 92 at Lord’s when he initially resumed innings after being hit. Australia captain Tim Paine stated that they will need to deal with Smith’s absence as a team and not rely on his replacement, Marnus Labuschagne. Clearly a monumental force for Australia, it will be interesting to see what the results look like today without Smithy thrown into the mix.

However, as the saying goes, one man’s misery is another man’s fortune. England captain Joe Root stated that the team need to ‘capitalise on the opportunity’ of Smith’s absence. With their key opponent no longer in the running, there could be a real chance for England to take the victory and give them the boost they need. That being said, Root was also eager to say that the squad all wished Smith a speedy recovery!

Watch this space to see how the first match at Headingley plays out!

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Behind The Ashes: A History of Cricket’s Biggest Tournament

So most of you will know the story behind The Ashes tournament, right? The Aussies burning the cricket bail in 1882-83 and gifting it to the England Captain. Well here’s some more myths of the sport and things you should know about The Ashes.

1.      Nelson

Heard of a Nelson? The number 111. This is a score which is said to be unlucky in the sport and named after Admiral Nelson. Nelson completed his duties in the Royal Navy and towards the end of his life it was commented that he only had one eye, one arm and one leg, which is where the 111 originated from. However, this was said to be untrue as a number of people said it was actually one eye, one arm and one ambition (and a number of other crude things). But it doesn’t just stay at 111, this phrase is also used when players score in multiples e.g. 222, which is classed as a double-Nelson or a 333 which is a triple-Nelson. Admiral Nelson is another historic figure who lives on in cricket. He also has a monument not far from the Eventmasters HQ, located in the famous Bullring.

2.      Devil Number

Some say that the number 13 is unlucky but in cricket, the myth is that Australia’s ‘Devil’ number is 87. It is 13 more to 100 so perhaps this be behind the Aussie myth? It all started at a shield match when young Keith Miller watched his icon Sir Donald Bradman be dismissed after 87, however it was reported he actually was out after 89. This game changed young Miller as not only did the number 87 stick with him, it represented bad luck and the word began to travel throughout the sport. This myth stuck with all numbers that included the number 87, meaning 187 or 487 also qualified. Long live Australia’s best all-rounder MBE Keith Miller.

3.      The Number Game

There bringing it back! This year’s test one of the Ashes was the first test game in 142 years that saw players wear shirts with both their name and number on the back. Test cricket between England and Australia have always been plain white shirts, starting from the first time both teams met in 1882. The first time cricket used numbered shirts was Australia’s World Series Cup in 1995-96, after this act most countries then decided to use numbered shirts. There were a few remarks made about the new shirts from two of the Baggy Greens team mates, as they branded them ‘rubbish’ and ‘ridiculous’.

What’s your thoughts on the players shirts being numbered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ashes Two Ashes

Edgbaston to Lords, all hail The Ashes as England v Australia test two takes both teams to the Central London Stadium regarded as the home of cricket.

After their wickets where knocked, England go into test two hopefully with a new outlook. A first test lose can always equal to an Ashes win as the 1981 and 2005 Ashes proved this. England lost their first test but went onto winning the competition without making a change to their team. Could this be the plan going forward for Trevor Bayliss’s team or should England make a few changes?

Australia won by 251 runs leaving England to run out of hope in test one. The England team soldiered through the first test with 10 men as their leading man James Anderson took an injury to his calf, which will see him miss the second test at Lords. But not to worry as England are fired up with new ammo as Jofra Archer will be making a debutant after his outstanding performance which helped England win the Cricket World Cup. He was brought on for the World Cup super over, but can he handle the pressure from the Ashes? Is Trevor reassured by Archer’s comment reported by BBC; ‘I’m probably more ready than I’ve ever been. I’ve bowled 50 overs in one game already for Sussex and I’m usually the one bowling the most overs anyway.’ The 24-year-old seems pretty confident going into such a big game but his international experience will differ from the play at Lords this week.

Should England really be worried when they have Chris Woakes. The England Bowler has previously taken 20 test wickets at Lords, seeing him sit at fourth spot for the best bowling average. If his form at Lords continues to be on 100 then It’s sure to give England the big running they need.

Let’s get back to the team sheet for test two as it looks as if Moeen Ali will be left out of the second test in exchange for Jack Leach. Moeen was also taken off the team at the later stages of the World Cup, after his form began to struggle throughout the summer tournament. However, he still stands in top position for the leading wicket taker in the last year. Somerset County player Jack has 20 wickets in five tests since 2018 and will be a player that could potentially out play the Baggy Greens Nathan Lyon.

England Test Two Squad: Joe Root (captain), Jofra Archer, Jonny Bairstow (wk), Stuart Broad, Rory Burns, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Joe Denly, Jack Leach, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes.

Is England ready to make a strong comeback after a not so good start to the Ashes? Let us know in the comment section below

England in Pursuit of Ashes Title

This Summer, England might be celebrating two victories as they strive to get a World Cup-Ashes double, the “pinnacle” of a cricket win.

What a glorious summer it’s going to be for England, who are probably still stunned by their recent victory. The 14th July 2019 became a special day for the British nation, as it marked the first time in history that England had won the Cricket World Cup and in remarkable fashion too.

Last Thursday, at Lord’s Cricket Ground the magic unfolded and history was written, when England defeated New Zealand after a super over. With both sides drawing level in the 50 overs and the super over, the title was to be awarded on the basis of boundaries scored by each team and as England had scored 26 fours and 2 sixes in the match, compared to their opponents 17 fours and 2 sixes, the World Cup was theirs. It was a truly gripping and mind-blowing final, that despite all of the disputation, and if nothing else, demonstrated to all that Cricket really is a game of infinite possibilities. And perhaps, it was sheer luck that allowed England to lift the trophy but nevertheless the Brits have done it!

It started with – Player of the Match – Ben Stokes, who’s dive to make the second run paved a bizarre turn of events. A ball thrown from a fielder bounced off Stokes outstretched bat and towards the boundary for four overthrows and six runs, sparking some controversy. Simon Taufel, five-time ICC umpire of the year believed that officials had made an error of judgement and that England should have been awarded with five runs instead of six. If that had been the case, England would have lost out on the trophy by a single point and there would have been no need for the tense tie-breaker super over. But it seemed an England triumph was written in the stars.

More luck came when New Zealand’s, Trent Boult misjudged how close he was to the boundary line with the ball in his hand. It was such a simple mistake but it cost The Black Caps a great deal. The incident came after Stokes fired the ball towards the boundary and though Boult was there to catch it, his lack of spatial awareness caused him to stumble backwards and onto the boundary cushion with the ball in his hand. He reacted quickly by throwing the ball to teammate Martin Guptil but it just wasn’t quick enough and England were awarded with six. The pressure was at boiling point from then on.

There is no doubt that The Lions – which is a fitting nickname for our new champions – can do one better and secure the double World Cup-Ashes title. The five-Test series is one of the most exciting tests in the sport and England haven’t lost an Ashes series on home soil since 2001, so stand a good chance at success. The Baggy Greens will be challenging, as Australia will be looking to rattle the champions and emerge on top but England have never been as strong as they are now. They are fast becoming one of the most feared cricket teams in the world and captain Joe Root, who will lead his side in The Ashes series believes England have what it takes to make the double possible.

It’s good luck to England in their next feat and hats off to their recent successes and continued efforts. Let’s hope that a World Cup victory puts cricket on the map and inspires the next generation of Brits to get involved in the sport.

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Edgbaston: A Fabulous Day to Savour

Entertain your esteemed clients and guests in superb style with Eventmasters’ official Edgbaston corporate hospitality packages. Birmingham’s premier cricketing venue has been the setting for some of the most thrilling international cricket matches in recent times.

Boasting a capacity of 25,000, Edgbaston proudly sits as the second-largest cricket ground in the country, just behind the eminent Lords Cricket Ground.

Hosting its inaugural Test Match in 1902, the illustrious arena has held many memorable spectacles ever since.

After all, who could forget England’s epic clash with Australia in the 2005 Ashes Series? The match went down to the wire as Michael Vaughan’s England side clung on for a breath-taking two-run victory, the closest margin in Ashes history.

More records fell in 2015 during the extraordinary One Day International series between England and New Zealand. During the opening match of the series the hosts hit a remarkable 408 runs in their innings before going on to register their highest recorded winning margin of 210 runs.

Suffice to say, matches at Edgbaston are rarely dull affairs.

In 2017 England’s leading cricketers will make a triumphant return to the famed ground as they face their old-adversaries the West Indies in an exhilarating day and night Investec Test Match.

The encounter, commencing on Thursday 17th August, promises flair, finesse and above all world-class, sinew straining action. But it is not only the thrilling spectacle on the pitch that entices the masses to this venerable setting.

Following its recent multi-million pound redevelopment, the stadium now boasts some of the finest hospitality facilities in the UK.Edgbaston Hospitality - England Cricket - Corporate Packages

Avid cricket fans can be sure to savour a marvellous day at Edgbaston in VIP style from within the 1882 Club and Warwickshire Suite facilities.

Celebrating the year Warwickshire County Cricket Club was formed, the splendid 1882 Club offers fabulous viewing from the second tier of the pristine Pavilion Stand. A sumptuous fine dining experience adds a further layer of eminence to an already extravagant occasion. With a delectable three course luncheon, coupled with an exquisite complimentary bar stocking the finest wines, craft beers and soft drinks, visitors are guaranteed to enjoy the terrific sporting occasion in style.

With official category 1 seating located directly adjacent to the plush facility, guests can soak up a wonderful atmosphere at Edgbaston as the captivating game unfolds.

The sumptuous Warwickshire Suite will also be on hand to provide guests with an experience to cherish. The lavish restaurant facility offers attendees the finest hospitality service available, with light and airy surroundings combining superbly with stunning pitch-side views from the third tier of the Pavilion Stand. As well as enjoying palatial padded seating on the wonderful Warwickshire Suite balcony, visitors can also satisfy their refined palates with a sublime four course a la carte lunch, and drinks from the alluring complimentary bar.

As the outstanding occasion begins to draw to a close, members of both facilities will be invited to enjoy a delightful afternoon tea party and evening snack selection. Official souvenir programmes will be offered to all guests as a special token of memorabilia to mark the occasion, and an International Cricketing Guest Speaker will on be hand to add to the entertaining experience.

In August, Test cricket is back with a bang as England face the West Indies in the First Investec Test Match. Following some excellent performances in the last 18-months England will be looking to continue their fine form when they face a young and exciting team from the Caribbean.

Moreover, following the conclusion of the domestic cricket season, Edgbaston will host one of the most anticipated days in the sport – the NatWest T20 Blast Finals Day. The fascinating contest will feature the four finest county sides battling for the chance to grab the coveted T20 Blast title in 2017. This signature event is a fantastic opportunity for companies to entertain their major stakeholders and valued clientele.

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A Trip Back in Time to Trent Bridge

Eventmasters are proud to deliver the UK’s finest official Trent Bridge hospitality packages this year. Treat your esteemed guests to a match day to remember, with our marvellous corporate entertainment experiences.

Trent Bridge, the prestigious home of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club; now a world famous cricketing landmark.

Acting as the venerable host for both county and Test cricket since 1838, this illustrious setting is the third oldest Test ground in the world.

It was founded in 1838 by William Clarke – husband of the proprietress of the Trent Bridge Inn – and is widely considered by players and spectators alike to be one of the most iconic venues in England.

Its splendid architecture has been expertly maintained within the parameters set by the 1889 pavilion – one of the most renowned cricketing trademarks characterised by its unique style – facing, as it does, the wickets at an angle.

First gracing the International stage in 1899, it hosted the historic first Test match between England and Australia, which subsequently ended in a fiercely-fought draw. The Test was the first game to be played in the famed five-match Test Series and featured a wealth of British cricketing greats including W.G. Grace and Wilfried Rhodes.

The terrific Test became the first of many to be played at Trent Bridge, with the illustrious ground quickly becoming a popular fixture on the International Circuit.

Following its unforgettable global debut, the splendid setting has since witnessed many inspirational sporting moments.

In 1954, Denis Compton scored an innings of 278 against Pakistan, a record which is still proudly held to this day; the Englishman is one of only two players to have scored five Test Centuries at the ground, the other being former International, Mike Atherton.

Other more recent accolades include Sachin Tendulkar’s phenomenal milestone of 11,000 Test runs in 2007; the talisman of Indian Cricket, was greeted by tumultuous applause from the elated crowd as they celebrated a truly remarkable achievement.

In 2013, Ashton Agar achieved the highest test score by a Number 11 batsman whilst making his debut for Australia. Coming in with the score on 117/9, Agar scored an astounding 98 runs.

But the most consequential moment came in 2015 as England triumphed in empathetic style over their fierce rivals Australia. Trent Bridge hosted its first cricket match in 1838, but never before had England won the Ashes there – until now.

Their superb innings and 78 run win consigned Australia to one of the poorer chapters in their cricketing history and propelled England to one of their greatest ever. It signified one of the most memorable occasions in sporting history, triggering a revived sense of unity throughout the country; cricket’s greatest rivalry will not return for another six years at least, and the celebrations that followed may never be surpassed.Trent Bridge Ashes Final - Trent Bridge Hospitality

Trent Bridge has even been renowned for its footballing prowess. Once upon a time, Notts County Football Club played their most important games at the famous venue, and they eventually moved there permanently in 1883 when their bitter rivals Nottingham Forest vacated the ground.

With the cricket taking centre stage, however, Notts were forced to play their home games elsewhere towards the end of the season due to fixture clashes, and The Magpies eventually moved to Meadow Lane in 1910 where they remain to this day.

The eminent ground now hosts 17,000 people on a match day and is a regular sell-out for Test and One-day Internationals. Not only does the venue offer outstanding viewing for avid cricket lovers, but it also allows guests to enjoy a range of luxuriant facilities.

Trent Bridge’s desire to remain as a prominent Test Match venue, has been evidenced by Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club’s significant long-term investment in the facility.

Ground enhancements began with the creation of the William Clarke Stand in 1990, and the Hound Road Stand in 1993.

The lavish £7.2 million Trent Bridge Cricket Centre was opened, in 1998, to huge acclaim from former Nott’s hero Sir Garfield Sobers on the eve of the England v South Africa Test.

Still affectionately known as the Radcliffe Road Stand, the superb complex includes a number of VIP style hospitality suites that allow guests to experience a match day like no other, with sumptuous fine dining and exquisite complimentary bars included.

Building work continued in 2002, with the £1.9 million Fox Road stand, launched by Sir Ian Botham at the One-day International between England and Sri Lanka. It features a state of the art ‘aircraft wing’ roof and offers spectacular viewing for distinguished guests.

The most recent development came in 2008 when Prince Philip officially unveiled the extravagant £8 million Bridgford Road Stand as a replacement for the West Wing and Parr Stand. The stand’s most distinctive feature is its iconic curved canopy complete with ten enormous triangular skylights that provide a dramatic backdrop to the Bridgford Road boundary.

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ICC Champions Trophy – England v Australia Preview

England v Australia – ICC Champions Trophy Semi Final

England are through to the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy and now have the luxury of facing Australia at Edgbaston on Saturday knowing a win would knock their old rivals out of the competition.

It is a strong position to be in albeit a trifle fortunate – down in part to the way the poor weather has hampered the baggy cap brigade.

England go into the clash in good form after crushing New Zealand at Cardiff.

Hales, Root, Stokes and Buttler were all in the runs while the bowlers, headed by Liam Plunkett, proved highly effective.

Having already qualified, will England lack a degree of motivation and take their feet off the gas?

Surely not. This is Australia … you savour any victory over the “criminals”.

But Australia tend to perform when under pressure and have a good record in knock-out cricket.

Nothing more dangerous than an Australian cricketer with his back against the wall.

The squad will know that the media back home will tear them to shreds if they fail to pull off a win.

Mind you, that’s why it would be all the sweeter for England if they could come out on top.

It promises to be a hugely entertaining contest.

England normally do well at Edgbaston. It is a venue they enjoy and there is always a supportive and rabble-rousing crowd.

Both sides know their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses inside out.

It could come down to fine margins.

Trent Bridge Hospitality – England v South Africa & West Indies

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