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Travelling to Henley-on-Thames

From the best local Henley-on-Thames hotels to the best ways to travel to and from the town, we look at all aspects of your time at Henley Royal Regatta.

Travelling to Henley Regatta

Where is Henley?

Henley Regatta takes place in the simply gorgeous Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames.  The town is very close to the county borders with Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.  Stunning Chiltern countryside surrounds the Thames rowing course.  Henley-on-Thames postcodes are in the RG9 area, for Reading.  For more on the town, see Henley-on-Thames.

Driving to Henley-on-Thames

Being a small town, the roads surrounding Henley-on-Thames can be slow around the time of the Regatta.  To help ease congestion, the local authorities set up temporary one-way systems, which allow traffic to flow with ease.

Traffic is never really awful, though, and as long as you allow a little extra time for queueing you should be fine.

Henley Regatta Parking

Our Henley Regatta hospitality packages all feature car parking close to the facility as standard.  If you’re wanting to park your car in the town centre of Henley-on-Thames, there are numerous car parks available.

Mill Lane Car Park is at the South end of Henley-on-Thames.  In the very middle of the town, there are car parks at the train station, as well as on Greys Road and further north at Kings Road.

With the Boaters Enclosure, reserved car parking is located very close to the facility and is available for all of our hospitality guests.


Coaches to Henley-on-Thames

There are coaches to Henley Regatta offered by many companies.  Many of the coaches feature luxury additions to help make your day even more special.  From Champagne receptions to breakfast bites, different coaches offer various different hospitality comforts.  Some luxury coach services are even happy for guests to ‘BYOB’ on their journey to the Regatta.  The coaches will be more direct to the site, and costs a little less than the trains.


Trains to Henley Regatta, Henley-on-Thames Railway Station

From Reading, trains will be approximately twenty minutes, or around an hour from London Paddington.  The station is located in the centre of town, meaning it’s not far to walk to the Regatta.  Expect to see half of the taxis from Oxfordshire waiting outside the station, so if you do want to take a cab across to the river, it won’t be difficult.

London to Henley-on-Thames Trains

paddington station sign

Getting to Henley-on-Thames from London by train involves an easy change at Twyford, and sometimes also at Slough.  Both routes both take approximately an hour to complete.  The trains are full of like-minded revellers looking to start celebrations early for Henley Regatta.

Services leave London Paddington a few times each hour, so there is guaranteed to be a train at a time suitable for you and your guests.  Paddington is by far the easiest station to get to Henley-on-Thames from for most Londoners, or those in the South East of England.

As of publication, the last train service to depart Henley-on-Thames is just prior to midnight – but do check on the day to avoid being stranded!

Great Western Railways usually run a direct, express service from London to-and-from Henley-on-Thames during the Regatta.  Keep an eye out for announcements relating to these as they can save a lot of journey time!

All trains journeys to Henley Train Station go via Twyford as the town is only accessible from the one line.  However, Twyford has exceptional connections to other towns and cities.  London, Reading, Abbey Wood and Maidenhead are all on the same lines.  Henley Station is just one train change for many travelling to the Regatta and it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the country.


Henley Taxis

taxi henley on thames

Taxis to Henley Royal Regatta will be available from nearby towns Reading and Maidenhead.  While these will be more expensive than other modes of transport, they will ensure you arrive directly on location and save you the time and effort of parking.

Under usual conditions, an Uber taxi from Reading to Henley-on-Thames will cost an estimated £14-19, and an Uber to Henley from Maidenhead will cost slightly more than this.  Though, expect to see costs increase under peak-flow conditions, as demand for the cars will be much higher.

Getting to Henley Regatta by boat is another popular choice among guests.  Being an event on the Thames ensures that those arriving by boat can get up close to their hospitality enclosure.

Access to the River Thames is restricted and controlled during the Regatta Week at Henley.  Some lengths of water are completely shut off from all river traffic aside from that authorised by the organisers.  All boats (including non-motorised craft) are subjected to guidance and instruction from the Henley Stewards and the Environment Agency.

The authority of the Stewards is backed up with government-enforced restrictions – so it’s likely best not to try skirting the rules!

Mooring boats is permitted a little way from the course.  The walk from the mooring to your hospitality evening is a great short stroll through some of the most beautiful countryside.

Eventmasters offer a River Taxi service, which will bring you to Henley Regatta.  The river taxi service ensures that you miss the traffic on the roads and arrive in style at the event.  We also offer a VIP Helicopter Transfer to Henley Regatta for those wishing to arrive at the Henley Reach from the air.  This an exclusive service, and, like the River Taxi, is only available by enquiry.


Henley-on-Thames Hotels – Regatta Accommodation

If you’re travelling from afar to get to Henley-on-Thames for Henley Regatta, you may be looking for hotels in the nearby area in which to stay.  Henley-on-Thames boasts a number of great hotels to make your stay at the Regatta all the more enjoyable.  Here are just a few of our favourite places to stay in and around Henley-on-Thames

Hotels in Henley Regatta

The Red Lion Hotel

Three-Star Hotel, Henley-on-Thames

Located right at the heart of Henley-on-Thames, the Red Lion is a hotel which puts class and comfort ahead of all else.

The hotel sits right next to the River Thames and guests will only be a short walk away from the centre of all that’s going on at Henley Royal Regatta.

The Red Lion Hotel’s dining room is open from the morning until the night.  The hotel is used to accommodating large groups, with weddings and other celebrations commonly held at in their function rooms.

Expect a mixture of classic design and modern comforts that ensure you stay in fantastic comfort.


The Baskerville

Four-Star Hotel, Shiplake, Henley-on-Thames

The Baskerville Hotel earnt its four-star status well.  It’s set in a comfortable pub, with a beautiful and charming interior.

The restaurant was named best in Oxfordshire in 2016, an honour that is well deserved.  The menu features classic English dishes, sourced locally, and seasonally themed.

It’s a leisurely forty-five-minute walk away from the Henley Regatta site, taking a scenic route along the Thames to reach it.  The Baskerville is also just moments away from the Shiplake train station, giving easy access to the venue for anyone.


The Dog and Badger

Five-Star Hotel, Medmenham, Marlow

A delightful pub in the nearby Medmenham (by Marlow) which does so well what others on this list do too – marry beautiful and ancient buildings with modern convenience.  You’ll see elegant wooden beams add a touch of warmth and homeliness, but also be blown away by the modern comforts such as fully air-conditioned rooms.


Eventmasters is a leading provider of corporate hospitality and VIP experiences.  We’ve been ensuring our guests have the finest experiences for over 30 years, and continue to pride ourselves on offering the very best hospitality and corporate experiences.

At Henley Royal Regatta we offer the best prices on the finest hospitality packages.  We can tailor our packages to your needs to ensure you and your important guests have the most luxurious time.  Additions to your hospitality package can include helicopter transfers to Henley Regatta or river taxis to ensure you arrive in style.  We also offer evening tickets to Chinawhite at Henley Regatta with our Boaters Enclosure packages.

Packages on offer include Boaters Enclosure, Fawley Meadows, and the Riverside Enclosure.  We also offer hospitality at the Temple Island Enclosure, with the option of a Henley Regatta River Cruise during the day.

View our Henley Regatta hospitality packages, or speak to our helpful hospitality team now on 0207 989 6500.


Henley Regatta: The Highlight of the Summer Season

Take a step back in time to experience one of the last bastions of British summer tradition with Eventmasters’ dazzling Henley Regatta Hospitality Packages.

Boaters and blazers abound on the banks of the Thames as a cornucopia of sights, sounds and smells mingle to create a truly unforgettable day at Henley-on-Thames.

It’s a window on a world that was more refined, a world of low hemlines, lounge suits, blazers and flannels with ties or cravats – and no mobile phones.

If you need a lie down after that last statement, just think of it as – no bothersome emails, texts or tweets– just the peace and quiet to immerse yourself in a world of sophisticated tranquillity.

For those who cannot contemplate a minute without the addictive, hand held life support machine, don’t panic – it only applies in the ultra-exclusive Henley Stewards’ Enclosure.

Others such as the Regatta Enclosure offer a marginally less formal dress code, although this is no invitation to dress casually. Spectators often wear rowing apparel and traditional club blazers along with the iconic boaters or panama hats. Dressing to impress has always been essential for ladies at Henley Regatta with many taking great time and effort to select their most splendid ensemble fitting of the occasion.

henley hospitality boaters encosure

The novel Boater’s Enclosure at Henley is the latest luxury addition to an already sumptuous event. The lavish marquee facility, situated on the banks of the Thames provides guests with a fresh view of the rowing, with the start line just metres away and the iconic Temple Island facility directly opposite. Guests are cordially welcomed with a delightful brunch canapé selection and champagne reception. Previous menus have included – Blanketed Toulouse Sausage, Croque Monsieur and Sweet Chilli and Sesame Pork Belly.

A lavish lunch menu will be offered at 12pm, and distinguished visitors will be treated to an exquisitely indulgent five-course meal.  How does a delicate selection of Artisan Breads and Oils sound? Guests are then spoiled by further deliciousness. Some of our previous main courses have included Smoked Salmon with Pain de Epices and Sweet Onion Relish followed by luscious Fillet of Beef Medallions. For dessert, how about a delectable Dark Chocolate Truffle with a Raspberry Coulis, along with an excellent variety of English Cheeses? Our favourites include Oxfordshire Organic Cheddar and Cropwell Bishop Stilton.

Also offered is a sumptuous selection of cocktails to follow the fine assortment of foods at 2pm. Henley Regatta guests can choose from a mouthwatering range of drinks to satisfy their personal palate. Popular choices have previously included the distinguished Cosmopolitan, Passionfruit Amaretto Sours, Long Island Iced Tea, Pink Fizz Gin and the non-alcoholic Fruit Fusion. A fully detailed recipe list can be found on the Eventmasters’ website.

As the outstanding regatta begins to draw to a close, members will be invited to enjoy a superb afternoon tea party. Commencing at 4:30pm, guests can sample from a wonderful range of sandwich options as well as a tantalisingly tasty offering of traditional scones with strawberry jam and cream. The luxury selection of sandwiches often includes – Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Roast Beef with Horseradish and Rocket Salad, and Egg with Watercress. For those with a crippling need to satisfy their sweet tooth, attendees can sample freshly picked strawberries and a devilishly delicious Victoria Sponge. Speciality coffees and teas will also be available to help wash down the flavoursome cuisine.

Some might say that this wonderful fine dining and revered fashion is just as important as the rowing at Henley.

But the finery and luxury of the social event of the British summer belies the fact that it merely provides the backdrop for world class, high octane, sinew-straining action on the water.

henley hospitality-race

This is the world’s oldest rowing regatta, which has been held since 1839 features over 200 races of international standard.

More than 500 crews from around the globe come to showcase their impressive sporting prowess.

From Olympians to rookies, they put their all into driving their oars through the crisp, cold waters to propel themselves smoothly and silently with finesse and vigour.

Seeing these world class athletes in full flight is certainly a sight to behold and it doesn’t get any better than being up close to the action. It is truly an occasion not to be missed.

For those concerned with travelling and parking this year, fear not, for there are a number of efficient facilities and services available to provide easy solutions. Car park spaces are available on the Regatta site, and it is advised that daily parking labels are purchased in advance. Two bus services will be available this year, travelling to both Reading and High Wycombe. Trains also run frequently to Henley from London Paddington and a special timetable will be implemented by First Great Western for the duration of the Regatta.

In short, with Eventmasters’ sumptuous Henley Regatta Hospitality Packages, transport your clients to the highlight of both the summer sporting calendar and social season for an experience they will NEVER forget.

For more information on the incredible event, look through our fantastic Henley Regatta News.

Henley Royal Regatta 2021: All You Need To Know

It was announced that Henley Royal Regatta would not be taking place in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The news, although disappointing, was necessary in order to protect the health and safety of staff and attendees. The good news is that Henley Regatta will be back in 2021, bigger and better than ever before!

What is Henley Regatta?

Henley Regatta is one of the most prestigious rowing events in the world. The event was first organised in 1839 and has been held every year ever since (with the exception of 2020), on the River Thames by the town of Henley-on-Thames, England.

A world-renowned event, in 2010, the fabulous Henley Royal Regatta was even featured in the film The Social Network, based on the life of entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg.

When is Henley Regatta 2021?

Henley Regatta is usually held every year in July. Up until now, the regatta has lasted for five days (Wednesday to Sunday) and ends on the first weekend of July. For 2021, however, the event will expand to six days to make room for some exciting new women’s events!

Henley Regatta 2021, therefore, will be held from Tuesday 29th June to Sunday 4th July 2021. The location and atmosphere of such an occasion are ideal for welcoming the sunny weather! Guests will be able to enjoy the warm days and there are also many indoor areas to have a break if the heat ever gets a bit much.

What time does Henley Regatta 2021 start?

Henley Regatta usually starts mid-morning once guests have had time to arrive and settle.  There is a break around midday to allow adequate time for lunch and racing then finishes in the afternoon. The exact times can vary but it’s usually between 16:00 and 17:00.

Who takes part in Henley Regatta?

The event involves different classes and combinations for both men and women. Contestants include athletes who train for the Olympics, club and school rowing crews, as well as university rowing teams. Henley Regatta attracts athletes and guests from all over the world. Every year more than 100 crews come from overseas. In the last years, international rowing crews have arrived from Australia, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Poland, the Netherlands, the U.S.A., Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, South Africa, and Great Britain.

Where is Henley Regatta?

Henley Regatta is held on the banks of the River Thames at the town of Henley-on-Thames.  The town is dripping in history, with an ancient market at its centre.  It falls on the tripoint between Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire.

Directions to Henley Regatta:

Getting to Henley Royal Regatta by road is easy.  From the North, take the M40 and turn off at Junction 4 and follow signs for Reading.  If you’re driving from the South, take the M4 and exit at Junction 10 (Maidenhead) and make your way northbound on the A404 until directed otherwise to Henley-on-Thames.

One way systems are put in place in the town during Regatta Week so follow the signs and instructions.

You can also speak to our hospitality team to book luxury helicopter transfers and fantastic riverboat taxis to the Boaters Enclosure.  To arrange this VIP travel opportunity for you and your guests, call today on 020 7989 6500.

Henley Regatta Helicopter Transfer

Henley Regatta 2021 Dress Code

Henley Regatta outfits are one of the best parts of the event.


Henley Regatta dress code for men is smart but not as strict as what you would wear to the office. If you have no idea what that means, just think of nice shirts, smart trousers and formal shoes.


Womens’ dress code is neither too strict nor too casual in the enclosures. Try to think of fabulous tea dresses and smart, stylish heels – definitely not stilettos though! Wear shoes that would allow you to easily walk on grass, wedges would be a stylish and safe choice. We would also recommend that ladies wear an elegant hat. Although this is not compulsory, it is a custom in this event.

We also advise all guests to bring a light jacket with them, as it might be chilly at the end of the day.

And remember, dress to impress! Spending time perfecting your Henley Regatta outfit is time well spent in the run-up to Regatta Week – you never know where your picture might end up!

How much are Henley Regatta 2021 Tickets?

Tickets to Henley Royal Regatta enclosures can vary in cost – not just by the facility, but also by the day.  You can see information regarding pricing on our Henley Regatta hospitality page, or alternatively, talk to our hospitality team on 020 7989 6500.

How to make the most of your day at Henley Regatta 2021

Without a doubt, there is no better way to watch Henley Regatta than in a hospitality facility. There are various excellent hospitality options you can choose from including The Boaters Enclosure. If you’re visiting with Eventmasters, you can rely on receiving the finest quality Henley Regatta hospitality on offer.  Our VIP facilities will provide you and your guests with unrivaled comfort and enjoyment for your stay at the Regatta.

Remember; the fun doesn’t stop once the race finishes!

With live entertainment through the week, bands and DJs over the weekend whilst enjoying our delicious food and cocktail options, Henley Royal Regatta is a summer social occasion not to be missed!

Henley Regatta 2021 Helicopter Transfers!

Eventmasters are proud to present new and exciting Henley Royal Regatta hospitality transport options for 2021.  Helicopter rides, and other luxuries at the Regatta.

Helicopter transfers services are now on offer for Henley Royal Regatta Hospitality guests to enjoy for summer 2021.

This exclusive transport option is available from Eventmasters to ensure you miss the traffic and arrive at Henley Regatta in style.

The Helicopter Transfer to Henley-on-Thames is available on each day of the Regatta – from Tuesday 29th June, until Sunday 4th July 2021.

Each helicopter can transfer large groups of people, allowing most parties to travel and arrive together.  For larger bookings, please enquire about options and details by calling our hospitality team on 020 7989 6500.

Helicopter transfers to Henley Regatta

Henley Regatta helicopter rides tend to sell out as fast as the tickets – so book ahead to avoid missing out

Guests at Henley Royal Regatta are treated to a range of luxuries, and the helicopter hire options available are the icing on the cake.  For many it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience this level of VIP treatment.

Luxury Guide to Henley Royal Regatta

On top of the fabulous Henley-on-Thames helicopter rides, Eventmasters is a first-class provider of corporate hospitality experiences.

We provide Henley Regatta hospitality packages in stunning marquees set within idyllic countryside.  The banks of the Thames are a perfect location to host and entertain guests.  What could be a better combination than luxury hospitality and world-renowned sporting pedigree?

We are proud to be a part of this traditional British event.  Having been held annually since 1839, the Regatta is deeply ingrained in British culture – and is a staple event of the English summer social season.

We have been a leading provider of hospitality for over thirty years, and 2020 will be our fifth Regatta – having had great successes at the event since 2016.  While some things never change, the standards expected by guests are continually increasing – and we’re continually surpassing these.

Our biggest change to mix things up this year will be the addition of helicopter transfers.  These are available upon special request to our hospitality team, who will be happy to assist you.  Helicopter transfers to hospitality events have become ever more popular – not only are they hugely convenient, but they also add great excitement and wonder to the day.

At our main facility, The Boaters Enclosure, we provide an excellent range of drinks, fine dining and a VIP hostess services.  There are many charming comforts to perfect your day.

Fine Dining at Henley Royal Regatta

At Henley Regatta in 2019, we treated guests to a delightful chef’s menu.  It featured the best of British food: freshly-prepared local ingredients combined beautifully to mouth-watering standards.

We expect a similar menu to treat guests in 2020.  Here is a sample of what can be expected at Boaters Enclosure in 2020:


Artisan Breads, Balsamic & Olive Oil

Smoked Salmon, Lilliput Caper, Cucumber & Sweet Onion Relish, Herb Crostini


Beef Fillet, Red Wine Jus, Butter Bean & Pancetta Puree

Rosemary & Wild Garlic Fondant Potato

Chanteney Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas & Spring Onion Scallions


Chocolate Mousse, Canape Shortbread

& Raspberry Panna cotta ice cream


Selection of English Cheeses with Grapes & Fudge`s Biscuits

(Oxfordshire Organic Cheddar, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Lightwood Chaser, Red Storm)



All guests at the Boaters Enclosure will be treated to a menu similar to the one above – and we’re certain it’ll be perfect for anyone.  Chef prepared and individually made vegetarian meals are available, too, for anyone who requires that option.

Live Music at Henley Regatta

After treating your guests to a once in a lifetime Henley Regatta helicopter experience, they’ll be serenaded by our wonderful live musical act of the day.

Each year, we bring in a favourite musician or group to help our guests celebrate their time at Henley Royal Regatta.  Our musician of choice for 2018 was a fantastic guitar player, Jak Chantler.  His peaceful yet fun style added the vibrant and laidback atmosphere at the Boaters Enclosure.

You can view a short video of his time at Boaters Enclosure, Henley-on-Thames, here:

We were delighted to have Jak play for our guests, and were thoroughly entertained and impressed by his abilities – not just musically but his charm and entertainment ‘it’ factor.  We expect the live musical performance at this coming regatta to be equally as amazing.

In 2017, we welcomed renowned musical act the Siren String Quartet – a wonderful group who’ve played with a who’s who of stars.  These include world-famous musicians such as Kylie Minogue, Gary Barlow, and Gnarls Barkley.  The group were fantastic at keeping guests captivated with their variety of music and incredible performance.

We can’t wait to announce who’ll be performing at Boaters Enclosure for 2020!

With our Henley Regatta helicopter packages, your guests will be able to quickly arrive and depart from the exclusive facilities, allowing an extra bit of luxury to add a touch of colour to the day!


Henley Regatta Luxury Experiences (and NEW Helicopter Transfers)

Eventmasters is one of the UK’s leading and longest serving providers of luxury corporate hospitality.  We’ve been trusted by guests since 1985, and have been bringing them to Henley Royal Regatta since 2016.  As of this year, we will be providing the option of helicopter transfer to the venue for our hospitality guests.

For more information regarding our Henley Regatta hospitality packages and helicopter transport and rides: Buy Online or Call our hospitality team now on 020 7989 6500.