Chelsea FC v Manchester City Battle in The Premier League

Chelsea FC will be coming head to head for their 3rd fixture in the 2021/22 Premier League season against Manchester City. All of the action is taking place at Stamford Bridge and will be kicking off at 12:30 on Saturday the 25th of September. 

This will no doubt be a fierce clash between two sets of champions. The European Champions against the Premier League Winners; what more could football fans ask for? These two teams have some pretty interesting history together. Chelsea scoring the winning goal in the Champions League final against Manchester City will go down in their club history books forever. It will be fascinating to see how this one plays out. Why not take a look at our Chelsea FC Hospitality packages so you don’t miss out on all of the action!

Chelsea FC

Thomas Tuchel’s targets

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is looking to challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title of the 2021/22 season. The Blues finished 4th last season; however, they managed to beat Manchester City and become the winners of the Champions League! Tuchel has some fantastic players in the Chelsea squad. Although the German manager knows that he needs to adjust the team to his style of play, the manager is still entering the 2021/22 campaign with his head, and his hopes held high regarding the challenges that face him. 

The squad is looking relatively strong in this upcoming season, with some new faces joining; Chelsea FC isn’t far from being the ultimate squad. Romelu Lukaku is the name on everyone’s lips in West London as the Inter superstar returned to the Bridge for a whopping fee of around £97.5m! Lukaku had to miss the first game due to quarantine regulations but will be fit to play the Sky Blues.

Timo Werner

Chelsea striker Timo Werner needs to up his game in the upcoming season and shows his real potential whilst playing at Stamford Bridge. After winning the Champions League, it had boosted the player’s confidence and lifted his spirits. Thomas Tuchel needs to make sure that the player is showing the same energy as he did back when they won the Champions League if they want to steal the Premier League title off Manchester City. With added new faces to the squad, there is no time to be messing around; Werner needs to be setting expectations high for the other players and some what fighting for his place now Lukaku is on the scene!


Tuchel’s Success At Chelsea FC

Since January, Thomas Tuchel has transformed the Chelsea squad into a tactic-driven well-oiled machine. With players like Thiago Silva leading the team, Chelsea has it all. However, manager Thomas Tuchel is still looking at strengthening the squad because Thiago Silva, who is 36 years old, won’t be able to play every game of every competition this year. As well as Andreas Christensen who is suffering from ongoing injury problems, Tuchel needs to make sure that the young faces are paying close attention to detail and are picking up the tips and tricks effectively. 

Kai Havertz – The Champion

Chelsea FC player, Kai Havertz, could be the secret recipe for the Premier League success in the 2021/22 season. After playing at the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal, the German superstar made a memorable appearance. While only playing for 45 minutes, Havertz made an unforgettable impression on the rest of the team. 

In addition to this, Chelsea’s recent 3-0 victory against Crystal Palace proves that the team could be looking at an extremely successful future, all thanks to that extra boost from Havertz!

Chelsea FC Flag

Tuchels New Ideas For Lukaku

After a return from Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has announced that there will be a formation change within the squad. The manager understands that ‘every player wants to have a regular position that they can fight for. However, Tuchel believes that having different places on the pitch will give each player an advantage. 

Romelu Lukaku v Jack Grealish

While the summer transfer window begins to close, managers Thomas Tuchel and Pep Guardiola have made some excellent decisions. As a result, Belgium football star Romelu Lukaku has now returned after ten years away from the Chelsea football club. Lukaku will for sure be an excellent contribution for Chelsea FC; so far in the football players careers, he has scored a total of 251 goals in 508 appearances! The Belgium football player scored his first Premier League goal against Liverpool while playing for West Bromwich Albion back in 2012/13. Since then, the player has grown into an impressively skilled player, with so much more potential. Now playing for Chelsea FC, who are currently 2nd on the Premier League table, where it all began in England for him.

As for Manchester City, they have recently signed midfielder Jack Grealish who previously played for Aston Villa. Since he was a young boy, Jack Grealish was an Aston Villa football fan, now playing for Manchester City; the player can only go upwards and onwards from here. This will truly be a clash of superstars in an unforgettable game.

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