Eddie’s Rugby World Cup Announcement

Will Eddie Jones’ World Cup squad selection be dictated by red wine and advice from a canine?

It was a glorious result for England yesterday as they beat Wales 33-19 at Twickenham. England came out fighting from the get go, ending Wales’ 14 match winning streak. Head Coach, Eddie Jones was confident that the boys would come out on top and thankfully they didn’t disappoint.

However, despite this gleaming victory, Jones’ boys will no doubt be in a state of unrest today. Eddie will be announcing who will make the World Cup final cut and heading over to Japan at 1pm this afternoon. Winger, Jonny May, has stated that there is ‘no point trying to second guess Eddie’s selection’ and that he will be ‘focusing on himself’ rather than losing sleep over the announcement.

When Jones was asked how he would put together the 31 strong squad, he joked that it all depended on ‘where the red wine spilled’ and that he would even seek advice from his dog!

Naturally, every player wants to be on the plane to Japan next month and this would have been an extremely tough decision for Eddie to make.

Keep your ears to the ground until 1pm today when the selection will be made public. Eddie will then face the media at 3pm to explain how he reached his decision.

In the meantime, England will face Ireland at Twickenham on Saturday 24th August. Will they experience repeat success this time around? Either way, this is sure to be a thrilling game! Head on over to our Twickenham hospitality page for further details on how you can experience the action for yourself!