England in Pursuit of Ashes Title

This Summer, England might be celebrating two victories as they strive to get a World Cup-Ashes double, the “pinnacle” of a cricket win.

What a glorious summer it’s going to be for England, who are probably still stunned by their recent victory. The 14th July 2019 became a special day for the British nation, as it marked the first time in history that England had won the Cricket World Cup and in remarkable fashion too.

Last Thursday, at Lord’s Cricket Ground the magic unfolded and history was written, when England defeated New Zealand after a super over. With both sides drawing level in the 50 overs and the super over, the title was to be awarded on the basis of boundaries scored by each team and as England had scored 26 fours and 2 sixes in the match, compared to their opponents 17 fours and 2 sixes, the World Cup was theirs. It was a truly gripping and mind-blowing final, that despite all of the disputation, and if nothing else, demonstrated to all that Cricket really is a game of infinite possibilities. And perhaps, it was sheer luck that allowed England to lift the trophy but nevertheless the Brits have done it!

It started with – Player of the Match – Ben Stokes, who’s dive to make the second run paved a bizarre turn of events. A ball thrown from a fielder bounced off Stokes outstretched bat and towards the boundary for four overthrows and six runs, sparking some controversy. Simon Taufel, five-time ICC umpire of the year believed that officials had made an error of judgement and that England should have been awarded with five runs instead of six. If that had been the case, England would have lost out on the trophy by a single point and there would have been no need for the tense tie-breaker super over. But it seemed an England triumph was written in the stars.

More luck came when New Zealand’s, Trent Boult misjudged how close he was to the boundary line with the ball in his hand. It was such a simple mistake but it cost The Black Caps a great deal. The incident came after Stokes fired the ball towards the boundary and though Boult was there to catch it, his lack of spatial awareness caused him to stumble backwards and onto the boundary cushion with the ball in his hand. He reacted quickly by throwing the ball to teammate Martin Guptil but it just wasn’t quick enough and England were awarded with six. The pressure was at boiling point from then on.

There is no doubt that The Lions – which is a fitting nickname for our new champions – can do one better and secure the double World Cup-Ashes title. The five-Test series is one of the most exciting tests in the sport and England haven’t lost an Ashes series on home soil since 2001, so stand a good chance at success. The Baggy Greens will be challenging, as Australia will be looking to rattle the champions and emerge on top but England have never been as strong as they are now. They are fast becoming one of the most feared cricket teams in the world and captain Joe Root, who will lead his side in The Ashes series believes England have what it takes to make the double possible.

It’s good luck to England in their next feat and hats off to their recent successes and continued efforts. Let’s hope that a World Cup victory puts cricket on the map and inspires the next generation of Brits to get involved in the sport.

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