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Euro 2016: England fall to Iceland in last 16

Desperate, desperate, desperate … England. Beaten 2-1 by Iceland, a country with the population of Leicester.

Down the years you get used to England failure in major tournaments and this may rank as the lowest. David Cameron has gone as Prime Minister, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s future is hanging by a threat, now Roy Hodgson has fallen on his sword.

At all levels it seems England is in turmoil.

Who will take over from Hodgson after Euro 2016 exit?

Like rugby went for the best available coach in the world in Eddie Jones, England must do something similar.

It is a route we have gone down before, and the likes of Sam Allardyce might be an alternative … one way or another England must get it right. We qualified for Euro 2016 having won every game but when it came to the big time we couldn’t beat a very poor Russia and we ended up second in the group.

Too many players were off form at this tournament.

Harry Kane looked exhausted after his league season, never got a sniff of a goal and his free kicks and corners were simply awful. Who gave him that role?

Joe Hart, usually excellent, made two big errors, the first against Wales, the second yesterday. There have been rumours that new Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola doesn’t rate him – it will be interesting to see how that one pans out.

Jack Wilshere, who had missed virtually the whole season, never seemed match fit. It is a golden rule, which England managers constantly break, that you never pick a player for the squad who is not a hundred per cent no matter who and how good they are.

Raheem Sterling used his pace to win the penalty Wayne Rooney converted, but then faded.

As we feared the defence got found out for both Icelandic goals. Everyone knew about the threat from long throws … except seemingly England. A decent shot for the second, but nothing special – Hart should have saved it.

Hodgson put Jamie Vardy on too late in the game and he gave Marcus Rashford just four minutes. Even then Rashford looked dangerous but it was asking a miracle of the young man to pull England out of the fire at that late stage.

England must start again virtually from scratch, put Rashford at the heart of the team, somehow try and find a Gareth Bale, a Ronaldo, even a David Beckham.

The England fans were immense, cheering their team to the end. They deserved more.

Attention now turns to the Premier League season which returns in August

Football fans attention now turns to the 2016/17 Premier League season. The most exciting league in the world will feature some of the finest managers on the planet this season with Jose Mourinho taking the reigns at Manchester United. Antonio Conte taking charge of Chelsea and Pep Guardiola arriving at Manchester City.

Can Leicester City mount a serious defence of their Premier League title? Will Tottenham Hotspur once again be pushing for Champions League football? Can Liverpool be the dark horses under Jurgen Klopp?

All will be revealed on the opening weekend of the season – Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th/Monday 15th August 2016.

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