VIP hospitality at Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Regatta: The Highlight of the Summer Season

Take a step back in time to experience one of the last bastions of British summer tradition with Eventmasters’ dazzling Henley Regatta Hospitality Packages.

Boaters and blazers abound on the banks of the Thames as a cornucopia of sights, sounds and smells mingle to create a truly unforgettable day at Henley-on-Thames.

It’s a window on a world that was more refined, a world of low hemlines, lounge suits, blazers and flannels with ties or cravats – and no mobile phones.

If you need a lie down after that last statement, just think of it as – no bothersome emails, texts or tweets– just the peace and quiet to immerse yourself in a world of sophisticated tranquillity.

For those who cannot contemplate a minute without the addictive, hand held life support machine, don’t panic – it only applies in the ultra-exclusive Henley Stewards’ Enclosure.

Others such as the Regatta Enclosure offer a marginally less formal dress code, although this is no invitation to dress casually. Spectators often wear rowing apparel and traditional club blazers along with the iconic boaters or panama hats. Dressing to impress has always been essential for ladies at Henley Regatta with many taking great time and effort to select their most splendid ensemble fitting of the occasion.

henley hospitality boaters encosure

The novel Boater’s Enclosure at Henley is the latest luxury addition to an already sumptuous event. The lavish marquee facility, situated on the banks of the Thames provides guests with a fresh view of the rowing, with the start line just metres away and the iconic Temple Island facility directly opposite. Guests are cordially welcomed with a delightful brunch canapé selection and champagne reception. Previous menus have included – Blanketed Toulouse Sausage, Croque Monsieur and Sweet Chilli and Sesame Pork Belly.

A lavish lunch menu will be offered at 12pm, and distinguished visitors will be treated to an exquisitely indulgent five-course meal.  How does a delicate selection of Artisan Breads and Oils sound? Guests are then spoiled by further deliciousness. Some of our previous main courses have included Smoked Salmon with Pain de Epices and Sweet Onion Relish followed by luscious Fillet of Beef Medallions. For dessert, how about a delectable Dark Chocolate Truffle with a Raspberry Coulis, along with an excellent variety of English Cheeses? Our favourites include Oxfordshire Organic Cheddar and Cropwell Bishop Stilton.

Also offered is a sumptuous selection of cocktails to follow the fine assortment of foods at 2pm. Henley Regatta guests can choose from a mouthwatering range of drinks to satisfy their personal palate. Popular choices have previously included the distinguished Cosmopolitan, Passionfruit Amaretto Sours, Long Island Iced Tea, Pink Fizz Gin and the non-alcoholic Fruit Fusion. A fully detailed recipe list can be found on the Eventmasters’ website.

As the outstanding regatta begins to draw to a close, members will be invited to enjoy a superb afternoon tea party. Commencing at 4:30pm, guests can sample from a wonderful range of sandwich options as well as a tantalisingly tasty offering of traditional scones with strawberry jam and cream. The luxury selection of sandwiches often includes – Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Roast Beef with Horseradish and Rocket Salad, and Egg with Watercress. For those with a crippling need to satisfy their sweet tooth, attendees can sample freshly picked strawberries and a devilishly delicious Victoria Sponge. Speciality coffees and teas will also be available to help wash down the flavoursome cuisine.

Some might say that this wonderful fine dining and revered fashion is just as important as the rowing at Henley.

But the finery and luxury of the social event of the British summer belies the fact that it merely provides the backdrop for world class, high octane, sinew-straining action on the water.

henley hospitality-race

This is the world’s oldest rowing regatta, which has been held since 1839 features over 200 races of international standard.

More than 500 crews from around the globe come to showcase their impressive sporting prowess.

From Olympians to rookies, they put their all into driving their oars through the crisp, cold waters to propel themselves smoothly and silently with finesse and vigour.

Seeing these world class athletes in full flight is certainly a sight to behold and it doesn’t get any better than being up close to the action. It is truly an occasion not to be missed.

For those concerned with travelling and parking this year, fear not, for there are a number of efficient facilities and services available to provide easy solutions. Car park spaces are available on the Regatta site, and it is advised that daily parking labels are purchased in advance. Two bus services will be available this year, travelling to both Reading and High Wycombe. Trains also run frequently to Henley from London Paddington and a special timetable will be implemented by First Great Western for the duration of the Regatta.

In short, with Eventmasters’ sumptuous Henley Regatta Hospitality Packages, transport your clients to the highlight of both the summer sporting calendar and social season for an experience they will NEVER forget.

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