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How Will Football Stadiums Enforce Social Distancing?

It was a joyous moment for football fans two weeks ago as Boris Johnson announced that a phased safe return to football stadiums was on the horizon.

COVID-19 has prevented millions of football fans from cheering on their beloved teams from the stands since early March, shortly before UK lockdown commenced.

Leicester v Aston Villa was the final Premier League game to hold spectators on 9th March, with all remaining games for the 2019/20 season taking place behind closed doors.

Undoubtedly, football fans are keen to get back into the UK’s football stadiums to show their loyalty and support. However, many will be curious as to how football stadiums will enforce social distancing and ensure that crowds are kept safe.

Here we will examine the proposed health and safety regulations for football stadiums to keep spectators safe following the COVID-19 pandemic.

When will football stadiums reopen?

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced two weeks ago that he planned for a phased safe return of spectators to sporting venues this October.

The return will be dependent on several successful pilot events, including the World Snooker Championship, Glorious Goodwood and County Cricket matches.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) confirmed that the aim of these pilot events is “to build up to and prepare for the full, socially distanced return of sporting events from 1st October 2020”.

What will be the new capacity at football stadiums?

Football stadiums will have to operate at a significantly reduced capacity to adhere to government health, safety and social distancing guidelines.

A draft document from the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) entitled ‘Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds: Planning for Social Distancing’ has revealed that capacity at football stadiums could initially be as low as 17% with a maximum of 33%.

It was hoped that operating at 50% capacity could be a possibility. However, it was deemed that this would cause an issue with spectator safety as well as the ability to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Professor James Calder commented, “I would be surprised if we could get full stadia back this year. Realistically I think it probably will need a vaccine and also a high take-up rate of that vaccine before we can see full capacity stadia.”

What other health and safety protocols will operate at football stadiums?

In addition to reduced capacities, there will also be several other health and safety protocols in place to help keep football stadiums safe for spectators.

  • Socially distanced seating arrangements – keeping several seats within the same row unoccupied as well as alternating rows.
  • Operating COVID-19 officers to ensure spectators follow safety and social distancing guidelines
  • Tickets designed to allow for contactless entry into football stadiums
  • Varied allocated arrival and exit times and different entry and exit points to reduce queuing
  • One-way entry flow systems
  • Potential temperature checks on arrival
  • Hand sanitiser stations throughout football stadiums
  • Spectators to remain in seats at all times where possible
  • Spectators to take care when shouting, signing or celebrating


These rules will provide a very different matchday experience for football fans following COVID-19. Although it will take some time for operations to revert to ‘normality’, authorities are dedicated to ensuring that the phased return of spectators to football stadiums will be a safe experience for all.

When does the 2020/21 Premier League season begin?

The Premier League has confirmed that the 2020/21 season will commence on 12th September 2020, ending on 23rd May 2021. Fixtures will be announced shortly before the season is due to begin.

The schedule means that the new season will begin behind closed doors until spectators are permitted to return on 1st October.

While the health and safety protocols in football stadiums will provide a temporarily unusual matchday experience for fans, the news is a positive step forwards for UK football. It also marks the slow, safe return to normality after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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