Polo at the Queens Cup

The Sport of Kings: All You Need to Know About Polo

Played by everyone from soldiers to sultans to princes over its centuries-old existence, polo has a long and proud tradition in the pantheons of sport.

Its true origins are lost to history, with China, India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan all claiming to have created it over 2000 years ago, but it most likely began as cavalry training for mounted soldiers. As it spread across Asia, it began to gain its monarchical reputation, with Sultans and Emperors taking to the sport. Eventually, the British colonialists in India discovered it in the 19th Century, and by the 1860s, aristocratic officers had brought it to the shores of Britain.

A constantly evolving sport, the modern game of polo is far different to the one seen in places like the Hurlingham Club in the 1800s; the speed and aggression of the game has increased as the years have passed, requiring more and more equestrian skill to master the game. Fast forward to the present day, and the game is still played all over the world, with the UK at the heart of it all.

The ‘sport of kings’ is also still living up to its name; a favourite of Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the throne has been seen attending and playing at many a polo match over the years.

The polo season runs from April and all through the summer, with the major tournament of the Cartier Queens Cup being held at the Guards Polo Club. Set against the stunning backdrop of Windsor Castle, the 22-game tournament attracts the worlds best players and horses, as well as an impressive VIP guest list. Representatives of the British Royal Family are always in attendance, with the Queen herself presenting the trophy to the winning teams. Couple this with Cartier’s exclusive VIP list, and you have a certified who’s who of the world of polo, and a highlight of the British social season.

Polo also returns to the Hurlingham Club in 202, with Chestertons Polo in the Park running from the 11th-13th June. Held within the exclusive club’s immaculate grounds, the 2021 competition promises another weekend of exciting equine action.

Such a prestigious sport demands hospitality to match, and these two incredible venues certainly deliver.

Whether you’re looking for the lively and communal surrounds of the Dukes Pavilion or the exclusivity of the Royal Box at the Guards Club, or you’re sipping champagne and eating a three-course luncheon with matched wines in a pitch-side pavilion at Chesterton’s Polo in the Park, Eventmasters is proud to offer the best of corporate hospitality at 2021’s polo season.