Wayne Rooney for England

Wayne Rooney to Return to Wembley Stadium for England

It is official. England’s record goal scorer Wayne Rooney is set to return to Wembley Stadium for England vs USA!

With a legend back on the pitch it’s sure to be a thrilling friendly.

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After retiring from international duty in 2017, Rooney left with an impressive record of 119 caps and 53 goals to his name. Rightly so, The Football Association will honour him as England’s highest goal scorer for his numerous incredible efforts throughout his football career.

Gareth Southgate’s decision to recall Wayne Rooney came as an unexpected surprise for many England fans. It is noted that Southgate’s intentions are to bring him in initially starting at a substitute, however it is likely that Rooney will attain his 120th cap and add to his record number of goals.

Rooney, who currently plays for DC United in the States, has said that it will be a “particularly special moment” for him. The football star hopes to pass on some of his knowledge and experience to the young England squad.

He added:

“I am truly humbled and hugely excited to play for England at Wembley again. I would like to thank Gareth Southgate and The FA for inviting me back and helping to support my Foundation in the process. Playing for England was the greatest honour of my career – so winning my 120th, and final, cap will be a particularly special moment for me. It’s fitting that the match will be against the USA and I hope that both sets of fans enjoy the game.”

The match will be dubbed ‘The Wayne Rooney Foundation International’. He also hopes to utilise the game as an opportunity to raise funds for his Wayne Rooney Foundation which is a charitable organisation that supports a number of children’s charities including the NSPCC.

With the squad to be announced on Thursday, Southgate hopes that the former Manchester United striker will have a strong presence that will influence the team’s younger players on the journey towards the big match. Views are shared with Wayne Rooney who is “hugely impressed with the progress of this young England team.”

Southgate commented:

“The connection between the FA and former England players is something that has always been very important to me. This tribute to Wayne is a unique opportunity that is befitting of our nation’s record goal scorer. We’re fortunate that circumstances have allowed us to formally acknowledge Wayne’s immense contribution to England in front of the Wembley crowd and against apt opponents given the recent impact he has made in MLS.”

On the other hand, many believe Southgate’s decision will devalue the fixture, especially in light of the match with Croatia which comes three days later. However, the Football Association liken the move to Lukas Podolski’s send-off from Germany last year in the match against England. Podolski was gracefully sent off with 130 caps to his name.

The tribute is sure to make history at Wembley Stadium and Rooney’s one off appearance will be a special one and it’s sure to boost attendance at Wembley for the friendly match. In addition to that, Wembley will light its arch in the dazzling gold colours of Rooney’s charity.

Rooney’s Record at Wembley Stadium

Wayne Rooney’s career with England began in February 2003, the year that marked his debut. Throughout his fourteen year career which saw him captain England in 23 of his 119 caps, Rooney also saw six different managers during this time.

As fans now anticipate the football icons return for England, we recall some of Rooney’s most memorable moments and goals at Wembley Stadium.

England vs Estonia

This 2007 match at Wembley saw Rooney score two goals that led to England’s 3-0 victory in the UEFA Euro qualification.

England vs Slovakia

In 2009, Rooney again scored twice which allowed England to enjoy a 4-0 triumph in the friendly international.

England vs Andorra

March 2009 at Wembley Stadium was a thrilling match for England. Rooney scored one of England’s six goals which led to a remarkable 6-0 defeat of Andorra in the World Cup Qualification.

England vs San Marino

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualification in 2012 allowed him to score one of England’s five goals, winning 5-0 and making for another ground-breaking result at Wembley.

England vs Brazil

This 2013 match against Brazil led to Rooney scoring one of England’s two goals which resulted in a 2-1 win at this international friendly.

England vs Montenegro

Again, this FIFA World Cup qualification in 2013 enabled Rooney to score one of four of the winning goals that resulted in an impressive 4-1 victory for the England side.

England vs Norway

This 2014 friendly match against Norway was an impressive one for Rooney. He scored the only goal of the match which allowed for England’s 1-0 defeat of the Norwegian team at Wembley Stadium.

England vs Slovenia

In this 2014 fixture, Rooney contributed to England’s 3-1 victory, scoring one goal for the team.

England vs Lithuania

England defeated Lithuania 4-0 in 2015, and Rooney added one of the four goals that contributed to the success in this UEFA Euro qualification.

England vs France

Rooney’s last appearance at Wembley Stadium to date was for the 2015 friendly match against France, in which he memorably scored both goals that led to England’s 2-0 win.

With such a strong track record supporting him, Wayne Rooney’s return to Wembley is surely likely to result in more goals to his name!

Wembley Stadium is the proud home of the English football team and so England supporters will be in full force for this once in a lifetime send off! You can join them in VIP style to experience football history in the making.

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