Highlighting Our Own – National Apprenticeship Week 2020

We are huge supporters of the apprenticeship scheme at Eventmasters and as it’s National Apprenticeship Week we thought we’d highlight one of our own – David Foster, who joined us in 2013 as an apprentice from South & City College and is now our Lead Designer and vanilla latte connoisseur!

We sat down with David to talk about his growth and experience during his time as an apprentice and in his role now.

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?

I wanted to learn invaluable, transferable skills in digital marketing whilst gaining hands on experience within a business environment and thought an apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity. I applied through South & City College in Birmingham for a social media/digital marketing role and really enjoyed how my interview went with the directors at Eventmasters.

What tasks did your initial role as an apprentice consist of?

At the time, I was responsible for managing the website and improving Eventmasters’ online presence which included updating product stock, taking care of social media, content writing and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

What was your biggest challenge during your apprenticeship?

Confidence. I was extremely shy when I first started but my role required me to engage with a lot of different people especially as I had to discuss how the changes I had made to a website were improving its online activity. I definitely developed better communication skills during my time as an apprentice.

Eventmasters Lead Designer - NAW

How have you developed both professionally and personally since your apprenticeship?

I have learnt how to look at things from the point of running a business, or how a project I am working on is going to benefit a business rather than for the sake of just doing it. Professionally, I take ownership and responsibility of my projects and am now in a position where I am also teaching and guiding other team members.

My social skills and confidence have soared too. I attend more social events and am happy to take the lead in client meetings and discuss reports or projects.

What is your role at Eventmasters now?

Though I specialise in web design, I get involved in web development, technical SEO, email marketing, client management, client acquisition and lead generation as I also do work for clients under our sister company, SOAR Online.

What is SOAR Online?

SOAR Online is a digital marketing agency that specialises in web design, web development and client acquisition/retention. It was established in 2016 due to the rapid growth of Eventmasters digital footprint and the success that followed from its online activity, which as a result saw the Eventmasters IT team metamorphosis into a separate business – SOAR Online.

This allowed a team of skilled digital ‘nerds’, including myself, to work on a wider range of projects while still retaining a vital role in the digital marketing activities of Eventmasters.

What part have you played in developing the success of Eventmasters?

Over the past few years I have increased Eventmasters online exposure through technical SEO, which has seen our website move to the first page in Google search. I also designed the website and continue to streamline processes behind-the-scenes to create more effective methods of engaging with our customers, whether that be through marketing material, our email database or Adobe Suite.

What do you hope to be doing in the future?

Growing the Eventmasters team and developing my skill set further so I can step into a managerial position and head a team. I’d like to do more design work too. I love doing photography outside of work, especially of street art and wildlife, so it would be interesting to see how I could incorporate that kind of creativity into my digital marketing work.

I also want to get involved in more video marketing projects. I’m video game fanatic and as that’s a growing market, it would be exciting to see what video concepts I could develop for some of my clients.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme?

Definitely. It’s a great way to learn skills within the industry and provides a lot of opportunity to advance your career whilst transitioning into the business world. An apprenticeship scheme takes you on a journey and on reflection I can see how it contributed to my professional and personal growth as it encouraged me to come out of my shell.

You’re learning in a practical way, which is the most effective way to learn and it was easy to apply for too! When I applied, the Digital Marketing course was new at South & City college – they hadn’t taught anything like it ever before but the teaching faculty made sure we were given all the support we needed when looking for an apprenticeship.

Denise Sheasby, CEO of the Eventmasters Group said “It’s been a real pleasure seeing David develop and grow. I always felt during his initial interview that he had potential, he was polite and we believed in him. His dedication combined with hard work has seen him progress into a key team member. He has turned from an uncertain, lacking in confidence boy, into a strong professional man. Well done David Foster.”