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What is the dress code for the Cheltenham Festival?

The Cheltenham Festival always promises glitz and glamour. It is safe to say The Festival in 2020 will be no different. Tuesday 14th March kicks off the festivities but what exactly will you need to wear? As hundreds of thousands of people descend on Cheltenham Racecourse, you can be certain that they will be dressed exceptionally.

But maybe that is the very thing that has got you worried. What is the dress code? Is it formal? Should I leave the coat at home? We are here to help. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to the Cheltenham Festival dress code.

Dress Code

Cheltenham Festival is not Royal Ascot. So your visit to the Cheltenham Festival does not need to be all top hats, monocles and diamond-encrusted gloves.

As the weather can so easily change, we advise that you dress accordingly. At the Cheltenham Festival, ladies tend to wear hats and smart dress, but with the weather more in mind than the highest of fashion. Men have been known to wear suits in restaurants, Club Enclosure and hospitality facilities. That does give you a lot of room to show off your own style.

Can you wear fancy dress?

Yes! Fancy dress is permitted. That being said, the organisers of the event have a right to refuse you on the door if they believe what you’re wearing is over-the-top.

The best thing to do is ‘The Grandmother Test’. If you think your Grandmother would be ashamed to see you dressed like that, then it’s probably best you leave it at home. Also, it is important to know that Gold Cup Day has a ‘no crazy-wear’ in the club enclosures. The final day is an event of high esteem.


  • Cheltenham Festival is in March – you may still feel the winter chill
  • Walk with purpose – it’s your chance to show off your style. No matter how many pieces to your suit there are, know that you can pull it off
  • Show respect – do not wear tracksuit bottoms or jeans, this is a prestigious event

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