Runners at Cheltenham Racecourse

Equine Flu Outbreak: Will Horse Racing Resume This Week?

We all have our fingers crossed for the return of horse racing on Wednesday, with a total of four meetings set to take place. The day has plenty scheduled worth looking forward to and it would be great to get back into the swing of the horse racing season, especially with the prestigious Cheltenham Festival now just around the corner. It has seemed like a century since the last race meeting due to the nationwide suspension on 7th February 2019 following a breakout of Equine Flu.

What we know so far about the Equine Flu Outbreak

The original breakout first discovered in the Donald McCain yard caused shockwaves throughout the horse racing world and lead to a further 2000 swabs being analysed. The second confirmed outbreak came from Simon Crisford’s yard where four more positive tests were recorded. The total is now only at 10 out of 2000 tests that were prioritised. This low figure is somewhat encouraging and hopefully means positive results for the return of horse racing.

Tonight the British Horse Racing Authority will hopefully announce a decision on the resumption of horse racing following a detailed discussion. The racecourses with meetings planned for Wednesday are staying hopeful and continue to prepare for the scheduled races. Two jump meetings will be held at both Plumpton and Musselburgh with other races being held at Kempton and Southwell. It certainly will be a day worth savouring with top racing action guaranteed as The Festival draws ever closer.

To have the possibility of racing return this soon after the outbreak is most definitely positive news and shows that things may perhaps be under control. A possibility that will be discussed at the meeting is whether just jump racing should return on Wednesday with a further halt of flat races. However, if the meetings do go to plan the race could prove challenging for the horses anyway due to weather conditions. A weekend of heavy rain at Plumpton means the race could take place on heavy ground, which will be testing for the horses involved.  However, despite these setbacks, everyone is keeping their fingers crossed and hopes the much loved sport can return soon.

Look forward to the Cheltenham Festival

With Cheltenham Festival now only one month away it will be great to continue the planned road to Cheltenham with a number of warm up meetings. This is a crucial time for racing enthusiasts as it is a chance to spot ones to watch from early on, making the big races at Cheltenham Racecourse that little more exciting. There’s no doubt that Cheltenham Festival is the highlight of the racing season and we look forward to another spectacular year at the prestigious Prestbury Park. Will you be joining us at The Festival?