Ladies at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot 2020 Dress Code

Royal Ascot 2020 is set to be one of the most prominent events next year. During the five days, numerous racegoers come together to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, world-class hospitality and of course several horse racing fixtures.

All guests at Royal Ascot should exude nothing less than elegance with the most sophisticated clothing choices. Your apparel should radiate the charm and style that is Royal Ascot.

However, before you decide on what to wear, make sure you get familiar with Royal Ascot’s firm yet impressive dress code. Perfect for crafting an impressive appearance!

Ascot Racecourse’s Juliet Slot noted:

‘Fashion and style are an integral part of the Royal Ascot experience.’

Although they have different dress codes to adhere to, the four enclosures have similar rules all attendants should abide by.

Namely, brochure, fancy dress, novelty and branded or promotional clothing are prohibited on site.

Guests Enjoy the day at Royal Ascot

The Royal Enclosure

Gentlemen are to keep it classy with either a black or grey morning dress. For example, waistcoat and tie, top hat, and black shoes. It’s noted to avoid customising top hats with coloured ribbons or bands.

Ladies are to ensure that dresses and skirts are modest in length, i.e. falling just above your knee or longer. Any dresses and tops should have straps which are at least an inch or more.

For those who don’t desire to wear dresses and skirts, trouser suits or jumpsuits are a statement alternative. Ladies are to ensure they are full length and are of matching material.

And lastly, hats should be worn however headpieces are acceptable as a notable alternative.

Bardot, spaghetti or strapless tops should be avoided. Midriffs are to be well covered and fascinators or headpieces without a solid base covering at least 10cm of the head should not be worn.

Queen Anne Enclosure

Ladies are advised to ‘dress to impress’ as though attending a distinct and formal occasion. A hat or headpiece should be worn at all times, within this enclosure however fascinators are allowed.

Again, strapless or sheer dresses and tops and shorts should be avoided.

Gentlemen are required to be in a full-length suit with matching jacket and trousers paired with a crisp shirt and tie. Bow ties and cravats however are not accepted.

Village Enclosure

The Village Enclosure is predominantly an outdoor area, thus for ladies, we highly recommend smaller hat sizes and trendy yet comfortable wedges instead of potentially painful stilettos. Ladies should consult the guidelines for the Queen Anne Enclosure.

Noblemen, keep it classy and tasteful in your jacket, full-length trousers, collared shirt and tie. Specifically, bow ties and cravats are not permitted.

Windsor Enclosure

All guests in this enclosure are to dress as though attending a fine, formal occasion.

Ladies, it’s recommended to wear smart attire along the lines of those previously listed before. Gentlemen, we advise an attractive jacket and shirt paired with long trousers.

Royal Ascot Dress Code For Children

Younger ones are to dress in accordance to the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s dress code. Well presented, stunning and opulent.

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