Golf at the open

The Open 2019: The Perfect Event for Impressing Clients

The Open is the perfect event for impressing clients in Northern Ireland.  Whether you’re meeting new customers or long-time business partners, the County Antrim event is ideal for high-class socialising and networking.  Set in the most perfect location and featuring some of the finest golf corporate hospitality, we can’t think of a better place to bring your important guests.

  1. Beautiful Northern Irish Surroundings

The Open 2019 will be held at Royal Portrush Golf Club, set in the rural coast of Northern Ireland.  This is some of the most beautiful landscape in the world and it boasts many landmarks open to the public.

Just down the road is the Giant’s Causeway.  The UNESCO World Heritage Site is perhaps the most famous landmark of Northern Ireland – and rightly so.

The Causeway is also the most well-known columnar basalt rock formation and is a marvel for all to see.  Around 40,000 columns of rock form the Giant’s Causeway, and visitors at Portrush to see the Open will be able to easily make the fifteen-minute journey to see them.

Also nearby to Royal Portrush are the ancient ruins of Castles Dunluce and Dunseverick, and the terrifying-yet-beautiful Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.

Aside from specific landmarks, the northern coast is stunning and full of hidden surprises.  Whether you’re an avid walker, keen photographer, or simply want to drive along the seafront taking in the sights the area is a fantastic and rare chance for many to witness such untouched natural beauty.


  1. Incredible golf on show

The main event at The Open 2019 is obviously the golf.  Attracting fans and players from across the globe, it is one of the biggest events in golf – and is certainly the biggest in Europe.

Past winners of the Open have included some of the greatest players from around the world – and we expect to see more of them competing in the coming championship event.

At Eventmasters we keep you always up to date with our Open News and golf updates.  As soon as any sporting news is announced for the event, we’ll be the first to let you know.


  1. All of the best golfers in the world descend on one small town

At the Open, the best players from across the golfing world delve to one small town, so there’s a very real chance you’ll spot a few walking around Portrush.

Maybe you’ll stop by a local pub and end up having a drink with Dustin Johnson (or someone who looks enough like him agrees take a photo with you).  Maybe you’ll notice Rory McIlroy across a car park outside the golf club and hope he waves back at you.

Who knows what could happen?  But there’s every chance anything could when there’s only 7,000 people in Portrush.


  1. Some of the best golf corporate hospitality on offer

Eventmasters proudly supply official golf corporate hospitality packages at The Open each year.  In 2019, we’re going to be treating guests in three VIP facilities:

  • The Champions Club
  • The Claret Jug Pavilion
  • The Claret Jug Suites

The Champions Club is a short walk to holes 1 and 18, and features official tickets with Fast Track entrance and complimentary food and drinks all day.

The lunches are Irish classics freshly made by our expert chefs.  We also provide breakfast rolls and pastries at breakfast, and light afternoon snacks to ensure you don’t go hungry.  For hospitality guests with a bit of a sweet tooth, we also have desert stations open in this VIP area.

The Champions Club, Claret Jug Suites and Claret Jug Pavilions all are staffed by highly-trained and super helpful hospitality professionals who will make sure you have the most comfortable day.  These golf corporate hospitality facilities are sure to dazzle your guests!


  1. An event steeped in history and luxury

As well as being a premium hospitality, the event always adds great excitement to guests with is long and storied history.  The event is the oldest Major in the world, and the only one in Europe.  It’s a significant event on the European Tour, and attracts players from every continent on the planet.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that The Open is hugely popular with those looking to celebrate or impress clients.  Each year we have a great time there, with both groups of friends on a day out and business people using The Open as a corporate event.


  1. Fantastic hotels and Michelin featured restaurants near to Portrush

When you stay in Portrush, you can be sure you’ll be staying in superb accommodation, and always eating the finest food.

From the wealth and three- and four-star hotels in the town to the Michelin guide featured restaurants nearby whenever you’re away from the course you can rest assured by high standards found in the local area.  If you’re treating corporate clients and guests, they’re certain to be impressed by the fantastic time they’ll have there.  Read more about Portrush Hotels.

Eventmasters provide the finest VIP suites and facilities, perfect for impressing guests and celebrating successes.  We have a proud history across many sports, including being official providers of golf corporate hospitality packages at The Open.  If you wish to join us at Royal Portrush in 2019, call our helpful hospitality team today: 0121 233 6500