Royal Albert Hall

One of England’s Most Treasured Venues

The Royal Albert Hall is as loved as it is iconic.  Performances at the Hall take in the special atmosphere of the grand and historic building.  Acts of all varieties have taken to the legendary stage, with audiences seated in some of the most stunning stands watching them.  Perhaps as iconic as the architecturally stunning exterior are the fibreglass ‘mushrooms’ which hang from its ceiling to improve sound quality.

Royal Albert Hall Hospitality

Eventmasters are delighted to offer hospitality at the Royal Albert Hall. We have previously offered hospitality packages from Tennis Champions to the mesmerising Cirque du Soleil. Give us a call if you would like to know more about any upcoming hospitality at the Royal Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall News

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most incredible venues in the world.  From the stunning red brick exterior, to the hand painted interiors and unique ceiling ‘mushrooms’ the Hall is a wonderfully unique place.

There are always new announcements of acts to perform and sporting events to be held at the venue.  Stay up to date with the latest news from the Royal Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall History

The Hall was first conceived by Prince Albert in the early 1850s, who saw the success of the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, and wanted to create a more permanent structure for the people of London.  He sadly passed away in 1861, six years before construction was started, and the Hall was named in his honour upon its completion in 1871.

Events at the Royal Albert Hall

The hall has always been a venue for incredible performances, from the biggest stars of the day.  Concerts, sports events, dance, dramatics and talks have all taken place in the hall.

Sports at the Hall

The Royal Albert Hall has hosted many sporting events, both on regular and one-off bases.

These include boxing, squash, table tennis, basketball, wrestling and tennis.  There have also been the first ever Sumo wrestling tournament held in London (1991) and the first UFC held in the UK (UFC 38) in held here.

Perhaps most unexpectedly, a complete marathon was run in the hall.  The marathon, held in 1909, saw two runners go head to head in a 524-lap race around the Royal Albert Hall’s auditorium.

Currently, Champions Tennis is held annually at the venue.  It is part of the ATP Champions Tour and has been held at the Royal Albert hall for over twenty years.

Other Events at the Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall hosts a number of other events, from one-off concerts to many different tours of performers who visit annually.  The Cirque du Soleil has performed at the venue since 2003, and specially modifies it’s performances to be unique for the venue.

Bands and orchestras frequent the Royal Albert Hall, too, with the world-renowned BBC Proms being held there yearly.  It has also played host to a number of live television events, from award ceremonies to fundraising events.  The first Eurovision Song Contest broadcast in colour was held there in 1968, and from 1969 to 1989 Miss World competitions were held at the Hall, too.