Newmarket Racecourse

The Headquarters of British Horseracing

Found in the beautiful rural Suffolk, Newmarket Racecourse is a thoroughbred racecourse with two distinct courses – the Rowley Mile and the July Course. The Rowley Mile is a little over a mile in length, and a single straight, and the July Course is a longer course, featuring bends. There is also the Round Course, used only once annually in the historic Newmarket Town Plate race.

The Racecourse hosts 9 of the UK’s annual 36 Grade 1 races, giving it a highly regarded status on the racing circuit. The town of Newmarket also is home to many notable stables, with over 3,000 horses calling the small town home.

Newmarket Hospitality

Enjoy outstanding hospitality at Newmarket racecourse which boasts fantastic facilities to treat clients, or to celebrate with friends.  There are different options, but the peak of the offering is the Rowley Mile Executive Box.  In these VIP facilities, you will have a truly unforgettable day with exquisite fine dining, admission to the Premier Enclosure and Champagne receptions.

Newmarket Racecourse News and Updates

Newmarket is a focal point of British racing, so much it’s been dubbed the ‘HQ’ on many occasions.  As well as being one of the top courses in the UK, the town also stables numerous race horse and is home to both amazing trainers, and the oldest horseracing institution in the world – The Jockey Club.

Newmarket Racecourse reached a special anniversary in October 2016, celebrating its 350th year of the Newmarket Town Plate race, which was first run in October 1666. The annual Newmarket Town Plate was the first race ran to an official set of rules, rather rules improvised by the locals.