The All England Club

Home Of The Prestigious Wimbledon Championships

The All England Lawn, Tennis and Croquet Club, more commonly referred to as the All England Club, is a private members’ club located in Wimbledon, South West London. This prestigious club attains its popularity primarily due to holding the Wimbledon Championships – the only Grand Slam tennis event still held on grass.

Wimbledon is the most anticipated event in the tennis calendar and guests travel from all across world to witness this fantastic sporting event. It really is the event that has it all; Pimms, strawberries and cream all coupled with amazing sporting talent!

As the fourth-largest tennis stadium in the world, the club features eighteen tournament grass courts, eight American clay courts, two acrylic courts and five indoor courts. Additionally, there are also 22 Aorangi Park grass courts, which serve as the competitors’ practice courts before and during the Wimbledon Championships. The largest court is the Centre Court, which hosts the finals of the main singles and doubles events at Wimbledon as well as the 2012 summer Olympics tennis events.

Wimbledon Hospitality

Every year, the All England Club opens its famous gates for 13-days of tantalising and exhilarating tennis action, as the world’s finest players compete for the most coveted prize in sport. The Wimbledon Championships is an event not to be missed!

Guests at the All England Club are treated to an unrivalled atmosphere at the prestigious venue. Wimbledon Tickets and Corporate Hospitality Packages are always at a premium, with guests being treated to Debenture Tickets and sumptuous wimbledon hospitality.

Wimbledon News and Updates

Other show courts at the All England Club is the No.1 Court and No.2 Court. The former was built in 1997 and holds an estimated 11,500 people and has also been known to host Davis Cup matches. The newer No.2 Court with a 4,000 seating capacity was first used for the 2009 Wimbledon Championships.

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Discover More About the All England Club

The History of the All England Club

The history of the All England Club begins in the late 19th century when six gentlemen founded the All England Croquet Club on the 23rd of July 1868. The first croquet competition was then held in 1870. The sport remained popular there until the introduction of lawn tennis in 1875. The first tennis Gentlemen’s Championship in Singles was held in July 1877 and thus the club altered its name to The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. In 1882, tennis had become the main activity of the club.

Currently, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge acts as patron to the club and His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent acts as president.

Membership of the All England Club

Membership at the All England Club carries with it the immense privilege to purchase two tickets for each day of the Wimbledon Championships.

It consists of five categories: full members, life members, honorary members, temporary members and junior temporary members. Full, life and honorary members are limited to 500 in total.

Honorary Members include previous singles champions, respected Lawn Tennis players, benefactors of the Wimbledon Championships or the Club, and others who have given special service to Lawn Tennis. Temporary Members are elected on a yearly basis and are usually active players who make regular use of the facilities and play in matches during their period of membership.

Currently, the All England Club has 375 full members, around 100 temporary playing members, and a number of honorary members.

To become a full or temporary member, one must obtain letters of support from four existing full members, two of whom must have known the applicant for at least three years. Honorary members are elected from time to time by the club’s committee.

Grounds at the All England Club

The total area of the club (including car parks) covers a total of 42 acres.

The grounds are owned by the All England Lawn Tennis Ground PLC and consists of eighteen grass courts (including Centre Court and No.1 Court used during the Wimbledon Championships), eight American clay courts and five indoor courts, two Greenset Velvelux, three Greenset Trophy and two green acrylic courts.

In Aorangi Park, there are 22 grass courts for practice before and during Wimbledon.

Apart from the grass courts, the courts are used all year round by All England Club members and Lawn Tennis Association sponsored players. Grass courts are in play from May to September (except Centre Court and other courts which are used only for the Wimbledon Championships).

Additionally, the courts are lent to a number of clubs and organisations, mainly of a national character, for the staging of various events.

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