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The All England Lawn, Tennis and Croquet Club, more commonly referred to as the All England Club, is a private members’ club located in Wimbledon, South West London. This prestigious All England Club attains its popularity primarily due to holding the Wimbledon Championships – the only Grand Slam event on the grass.

Wimbledon is the most anticipated event in the sporting calendar, and guests travel from all across the world to witness this fantastic tennis event. It is the event that has it all; Pimms, strawberries and cream all coupled with exceptional sporting talent!

As the fourth-largest tennis stadium globally, the All England Club features eighteen tournament grass courts, eight American clay courts, two acrylic courts and five indoor courts. Additionally, 22 Aorangi Park grass courts serve as the competitors’ practice courts before and during the Wimbledon Championships. The most significant tennis court is the Centre Court, which hosts the finals of the central singles and doubles events and the 2012 summer Olympics tennis events.

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Wimbledon Tickets & Packages

Every year, the All England Club opens its famous gates for 14-days of tantalising and exhilarating tennis action, as the world’s finest players compete for the most coveted prize in the sport. The Wimbledon Championships is an event not to be missed!

Guests at the All England Club are treated to an unrivalled atmosphere at the prestigious venue. Wimbledon Tickets and Dining Packages are always premium, including the very best arrangement for our special guests and tennis fans with our Wimbledon Debenture Tickets and great Wimbledon Dining Options.

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Each year, the best tennis players compete at Wimbledon to win the most prestigious Grand Slam of the calendar and mark their name in history.

With Eventmasters, guests can enjoy the day’s tennis and combine the excellent Renshaw Restaurant with fantastic Wimbledon tickets. The Renshaw Restaurant is housed inside Court No. 1 and is suitably named after the well-known Renshaw twins. The renowned venue provides a lovely sense of exclusivity for those who prefer to escape the bustle of the busy tennis tournament as they enjoy a superb three-course a la carte dinner.

Visiting The All England Club

Please use the Google Map provided for further directions.

How to get to Wimbledon by car?

If travelling from Wimbledon, we advise you take Edge Hill, Clifton Rd and Southside Common to travel to High St/Hight Street Wimbledon/ A219. Take a left when arriving onto High St/Hight Street Wimbledon/A219. Continue onto Marryat Rd onto Somerset Rd in Wimbledon Park.

How to get to Wimbledon by train?

When travelling for the Championship, many reliable public transport services are available at Wimbledon. We recommend the following train lines: South Western Railway and Mitcham.

From Edge Hill (Stop L), take the Mitcham for 2 stops to arrive at Wimbledon Village/Ridgway. It will be a 15-minute walk to All England Club.

How to get to Wimbledon by bus?

If travelling to Wimbledon by bus, we recommend you take the 131 to Tooting Broadway at Albert Grove for 3 stops. Then, make a change at Francis Grove (Stop N) for the 493 Richmond. After 5 stops (approximately seven minutes), it will be a short walk to the All England Club venue.

All England Club FAQs

To attend the Wimbledon Championships, guests must dress ‘smart casual’. This involves no jeans, shorts, collarless shirts or trainers except sneakers.

Parking is not available at the All England Club venue; however, car park passes are available to purchase ahead of the day. Please get in touch with Evetnmasters to enquiry about car passes.

For Blue Badge holders, disabled parking is available but must be pre-paid with the venue themselves.

We can reserve spaces for wheelchair users on request, such as: viewing areas, toilets, electric scooters and foldable wheelchairs. Please get in touch with our tennis specialists for assistance.

Assistance dogs are allowed within the venue.

All bars and catering units accept credit cards unless otherwise indicated for a special event.

At Eventmasters, we ensure that all guests are well-informed about the policies at the All England Club. Knives, flares, camping seats and political slogans are not allowed within the stadium.

Discover More About the All England Club

The History of the All England Club

In July 1968, the All England Croquet Club was founded by six people in July 1868, becoming the first to host croquet matches. The All England Club was located on another site in Wimbledon, introducing lawn tennis in 1875. The first tennis Gentlemen’s Championship in Singles was hosted in July 1877, and thus the club altered its name to The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Finally, in 1882, tennis became the main activity of the club. As the sport became more popular throughout the country, the All England Club was the venue for the 1908 Summer Olympics tennis events, solidifying the venue’s reputation as its premier venue.

Currently, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, acts as patron to the All England Club and His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent serves as president. The Centre Court is knowns as the largest of the courts, inspiring many players to compete at the best of their ability. With the installation of a retractable roof and waterproofing, guests can enjoy the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, showcasing the incredible history of the biggest tournament globally.

Membership of the All England Club

Membership at the All England Club carries with it the immense privilege to purchase two tickets for each day of the Championships.

It consists of five categories: full members, life members, honorary members, temporary members and junior temporary members. Full, life and honorary members are limited to 500 in total.

Honorary Members include:

  • Previous singles champions.
  • Respected Lawn Tennis players.
  • Benefactors of the Wimbledon Championships or the Club.
  • Others who have given exceptional service to Lawn Tennis.

Temporary Members are elected every year and are usually active players who regularly use the facilities and play in matches during their period of membership.

The All England Club has 375 full members, around 100 temporary playing members, and several honorary members.

To become a full or temporary member, one must obtain letters of support from four existing full members, two of whom must have known the applicant for at least three years. Honorary members are elected from time to time by the club’s committee.

Grounds at the All England Club

The total area of the club (including car parks) covers a total of 42 acres.

The grounds are owned by the All England Lawn Tennis Ground PLC. They consist of eighteen grass courts (including Centre Court and No.1 Court used during the tournament eight American Clay courts and five indoor courts, two Greenest Velvelux, three Greenest Trophy and two green acrylic courts.

In Aorangi Park, there are 22 grass courts for practice before and during Wimbledon.

Apart from the grass courts, the courts are used all year round by All England Club members and Lawn Tennis Association-sponsored players. Grass courts play from May to September (except Centre Court and other courts, which are used only for the Wimbledon Championships).

Additionally, the courts are lent to many clubs and organisations, mainly of a national character, to stage various events.

Major Events at All England Club

The All England Club opened its gates for 14 days during the Championships, showcasing the finest players contesting for one of the most converted prizes of the sport.

  • Monday 26th June 2023 – First Round
  • Tuesday 27th June 2023 – First Round
  • Wednesday 28th June 2023 – Second Round
  • Thursday 29th June 2023 – Second Round
  • Friday 30th June 2023 -Third Round
  • Saturday 1st July 2023 – Third Round
  • Sunday 2nd July 2023 – Round of 16
  • Monday 3rd July 2023 – Round of 16
  • Tuesday 4th July 2023 – Ladies and Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals
  • Wednesday 5th July 2023 – Ladies and Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals
  • Thursday 6th July 2023 – Ladies’ Semifinals/Mixed Doubles Final
  • Friday 7th July 2023 – Gentlemen Semifinals
  • Saturday 8th July 2023 – Ladies Final/Gentlemen’s Doubles Final
  • Sunday 9th July 2023 – Gentlemen’s Final/ Ladies Doubles Final

Local Area

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

Experience the history and traditions of The Championships at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. Guests can see Wimbledon’s famous trophies, explore tennis fashions from the Victorian period and test their skills on the Barak.

Wimbledon Common

If you are looking for a quiet weekend when attending Wimbledon, there is no better place than the Wimbledon Common. With over 1,100 acres, the Common is the largest tract of heathland in London, allowing visitors to spend several days walking or cycling in the woodlands.

New Wimbledon Theatre

This beautiful landmark opened in 1910 is a palatial Edwardian Baroque venue entertaining guests with stand-up comedians, touring plays and musical theatre from the West End when travelling to the All England Club.

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