Lee Valley VeloPark

The UK’s Track Cycling Home

Lee Valley is the London home of track cycling.  The East London velodrome, built on the site of the old Eastway Cycle Circuit ahead of London 2012, is one of the fastest cycling tracks in the world.  Boasting a capacity of 6,750 for indoor cycling, 350,000 nails and 35 km of Siberian pine went into constructing the track alone.

The venue has both an indoor velodrome track, an Olympic BMX racing track, a one-mile road course and five-miles of mountain biking trails.

Lee Valley VeloPark Hospitality

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Six Day London News

Cycling is one of the most dynamic and exciting sports on earth.  High-speed decisions, lightening-fast legs and unpredictable racing give cycling its edge.  The sport is constantly developing and the multitude of exciting events means there is always drama and thrilling matchups in the sport.

Lee Valley VeloPark – Venue Information

The Lee Valley VeloPark is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.  It is one of the biggest and best-renowned cycling venues, not just in the UK, but in the world.  Famed for record-breaking times, every aspect of the VeloPark is designed for speed.  The indoor track, for example, is one of the finest made in the world, and is maintained at exactly 28°c for optimal track times.


The VeloPark has four separate cycling tracks:

  • Velodrome indoor track
  • BMX racing track
  • 1-mile road circuit
  • 5-miles of mountain bike trails

These make it one of the best short-distance cycling venues for all four of the main types of cycling – road, indoor, BMX and mountain biking.

Six Day London

Lee Valey VeloPark is home to the annual Six Day London event, where the best cyclists in the world delve on the capital to test themselves at one of the best indoor tracks in the world.  Six Day is famous for combining top-level sporting prowess with an incredible party atmosphere.  Before, during and well after the racing, the DJs keep the atmosphere loud and lively.

Guests can enjoy hospitality packages to make the most of their time at Six Day London.  Different hospitality packages at Six Day include various luxuries.  From a dedicated VIP entrance and champagne reception to start your day off, to inner circle access and much more as the day progresses, these packages are ideal for everyone from the die-hard cycling fan to those looking for a unique way to treat clients and guests.

London 2012

The London 2012 Olympic Games were held on the purpose built Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Prior to the Games being announced, the previous track on site, the Eastway Cycle Circuit, was already marked for demolition and rebuilding as a new multi-track cycling facility.  Upon the announcement of the London Games, the velodrome at the park was increased from 1,500 capacity to 6,750.

Other Events

The facility has been host to a long list of other events, such as the 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and the Revolution cycling series.