Down The Rankings For Nadal

Down The Ladder Goes Rafael Nadal

After his five-set defeat last year in the Wimbledon semi-final against Djokovic, Nadal wished for a higher spot than third seeding at this year’s Wimbledon tournament.

Second ranking Rafael Nadal slips down to third place behind Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, leaving everyone wondering why. But did you know that the seedings given by Wimbledon are very different to those of other tournaments. The tennis event is one of the few that seeds players by their court performances, rather than the world rankings. Federer is seen to be a top-flight player when it comes to all courts, especially grass courts. He has won eight Wimbledon titles, compared to Nadal with 12 French Open wins and only two wins at Wimbledon. This result indicates that the Spaniard’s favoured court is clay. He is now motivated more than ever to grab the second spot, at least in the Wimbledon seedings, after being unhappy with the given position.

❝Second place is better than third❞

He stated when speaking to Spanish TV Vamos on Tuesday regarding the seeds rankings.

Unfortunately, he had to miss Wimbledon in 2016 due to injuries but that will not stop Rafael Nadal from playing the sport he loves. After his twelfth French Open title earlier this year, Nadal would be motivated more than ever to play at Wimbledon. A step down from second place will be difficult for Nadal but it will only make him stronger as he fights for the top spot, proving to Wimbledon he is a man of many courts.

Today Nadal takes on Japanese tennis player Yūichi Sugita in the men’s singles on Court 1. His first game at Wimbledon 2019, he looks for a semi-final against Roger Federer, a likely opponent for Nadal in the Wimbledon semi-finals. A game everyone will enjoy as both players go head to head after Nadal took the victory over Federer during the Wimbledon 2008 final, making it his first Wimbledon title. Past games between the two at Wimbledon have seen 3/4 wins for Federer but Nadal will be looking to take a win, making his way to the final for a fourth time and hoping to get his hands on a third Wimbledon title.

The seedings for the tournament position Nadal under Federer but the world rankings say otherwise. Will Nadal’s performance show why he’s number two in the world rankings or will he prove Wimbledon correct with the clay courts being his home. After all, Federer does have more Wimbledon titles than Nadal and several strong victories on grass and hard courts.

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