Murray & Williams: Mixed Doubles Magic

After initially announcing his retirement from professional tennis back in January, fans were delighted when Andy Murray confirmed that he would play in the men’s doubles at Wimbledon this year. However, fans are now doubly over the moon as Murray has also confirmed that he will play in the mixed doubles tournament.

However, this will be no ordinary mixed doubles match as Murray’s partner will be none other than tennis titan, Serena Williams!  After being constantly hounded by the press, Williams eventually responded to journalists: ‘if you guys really want it… all right, done.’

Throughout last week, Murray mentioned that he was on the lookout for a female tennis partner but had not confirmed any names. Serena Williams told the press that she would be ‘available’ should Murray wish to partner up with her. Well, it seems the dream is now a reality! Initially Murray remained coy about the alliance and stated last week that he was ‘90% sure who his partner would be’. When asked whether the partner in question would be Serena, his response was: ‘possibly. I don’t want to say too much just now until things are definitely confirmed.’

This partnership is surely every tennis fan’s dream. Murray; a 2-time Wimbledon winner and Williams; a 23-time Grand Slam champion. Each player will undoubtedly put up a staggering performance with the press already referring to them as a ‘power couple’. Murray himself added that Williams was ‘arguably the best player ever’ and ‘would be a pretty solid partner.’

Considering each of their past performances, this is undeniably one of the most high profile matches in the history of Wimbledon and is sure to draw in a crowd.

The pair are set to play against Germany’s Andreas Mies and Chile’s Alexa Guarachi in the opening round.

The mixed doubles competition begins on Thursday 4th July but, according to the BBC, the dream team are expected to play their opening match on Friday 5th.

Murray’s former partner, Colin Fleming, said of the duo: ‘I just hope they can get through a round or two and start to get a feel for each other on the court because if they can do that they could be really, really dangerous.’

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little bit of danger?

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