Wimbledon 2019: Murray’s Return

The world’s most prestigious tennis tournament commences this week but the major question on the minds of every tennis fan this year: will Andy Murray play Wimbledon?

After missing Wimbledon in 2018 to undergo his first surgical procedure, it was not guaranteed that Murray would be up to playing the championship this year. However, it has been confirmed that he will enter the doubles competition on Wednesday 3rd July alongside Pierre-Hugues Herbert. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see if the British Champion will be able to mirror his recent Fevertree success. Murray has stated that he does not have high expectations for the game but is determined to play a good match regardless.

2019 truly has been a tough year for Murray. Fans were devastated when he tearfully announced during a press conference in January that he would be retiring from professional Tennis. The 32-year-old had been struggling with a hip injury for several years and was in such pain that he struggled to put on his socks, let alone continue with a tennis career.

However, the tables amazingly turned later on that month. Murray underwent life changing surgery where a cobalt-chrome metal cap was placed over his femur. Health professionals stated that the surgery would give the tennis champion a greater chance of returning to the sport. His supporters were encouraged when he announced, soon after, that he finally felt free from pain. Further optimism ensued when, during an interview in March, he stated that there was a possibility that he may return to professional tennis.

Since the surgery, Murray has entered two doubles competitions, each resulting very differently. Fans were delighted when he and Feliciano Lopez won this year’s Fevertree Championship. This was truly a meaningful moment for Murray and no doubt reignited his passion for Tennis after the possibility that he would never play again. Clearly his new metal hip was working wonders as he expressed that he did not experience any pain during the game.

However, Murray was soon served a reality check during the Eastbourne international. Partnering with Marcelo Melo, they unfortunately lost the first round. Fans have commented on the lack of chemistry he appeared to have with his partner, which may have contributed to the defeat. The game was a struggle and served as a reminder that this was only Murray’s second game since his surgery. The loss highlighted that he would need to put in further practice if he is to progress further at Wimbledon.

The two-time Wimbledon winner was recently asked if he would eventually be confident enough to play singles again. His response was that he would consider giving it a go if he continued to progress. There have been rumours that he may return to the US Open in August but nothing has been confirmed. As it stands, it seems as though he quite happy to play doubles and appears to be taking each day as it comes.

Although positive that Murray has begun competing again, his surgery does not necessarily guarantee that he will be able to return to tennis in the long term. Continuing to play a high impact sport after a procedure such as this can cause further strain and injury to the body. It, therefore, seems wise that Murray has stuck with doubles tournaments for now in order to help reduce the chances of further damage.

With the year that Murray has had, Wimbledon 2019 will certainly be an exciting competition for all viewers and it will definitely be interesting to see how he will fair under the pressure of the world’s most renowned tennis championship.

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