From Budget to Beautiful: 10 Hotels near Ascot Racecourse

Every June, thousands of racegoers from across the globe flock towards beautiful Berkshire to experience the wonderous Royal Ascot. Being one of the most significant festivals within the horse racing calendar, it is important that you pick the right accommodation to suit your budget and ensure you pick the most suitable hotel near Ascot Racecourse.

There are numerous hotels scattered about Ascot and its surrounding areas but how do you make sure you’re getting a good deal without compromising on quality? Thankfully, we’ve handpicked ten hotels near Ascot racecourse which range from 2 to 5 stars, catering to all needs and budgets.

Ascot is a small town located in East Berkshire and is considered to be one of the most valuable towns within Britain. Being home to Royal Ascot has given the town a great amount of significance within British history and its social calendar.

The Gallery - Queen Anne Enclosure Royal Ascot 2024 at Ascot Racecourse

Hotels near Ascot Racecourse

There are a variety of options available when it comes to finding accommodation near Royal Ascot . Although many racegoers prefer to stay overnight to get a full experience, it’s worth noting that you can still travel down for the day. Ascot train station is only a ten-minute walk from the racecourse, as well as a bus and coach station close by.

Ascot itself is quite a small place, so most of the hotels in our list are located in neighbouring towns. Some of these are as follows:


Approximately 3 miles from Ascot racecourse, Bracknell is a great base for your horse racing visit. With a bustling high street and range of hotels, Bracknell is a very convenient location option.


With a large number of notable residents including Anna Friel and Gary Lineker, Sunningdale contains some luxurious hotels whilst still only being 3 miles away from Ascot Racecourse.

coworth park hotel near ascot racecourse


Just 5.6 miles from Ascot Racecourse, Bagshot is a large village, steeped in history with luxury accommodation, perfect for your trip to Royal Ascot.

We’ve whittled down our selection to 10 hotels. We are confident that this list will suit every racegoer’s needs and budgets:

Coworth Park

We’re starting off the list with perhaps the crème de la crème of hotels near Ascot. Coworth Park is a 5-star Georgian manor house, situated in the beautiful village of Sunningdale, approximately 3 miles from Ascot Racecourse.

During the week of Royal Ascot, the price of a standard room for one night is around £500. This is the most expensive option on our list but with good reason.

Coworth Park has a 5-star rating on Trip Advisor based on 1,078 reviews. The hotel overlooks 240 acres of countryside, has its own equestrian centre, a polo field as well as a children’s club. With a range of deluxe rooms and premium suites, Coworth Park is the luxurious place to stay during your Royal Ascot visit.

Pennyhill Park Hotel

Our second high-end option is the beautiful Pennyhill Park Hotel. Another 5-star gem, the accommodation is situated approximately 6 miles from Ascot Racecourse. Pennyhill Park contains individually designed rooms, each with their own unique style. Your comfort is of such high importance to them that they even have a pillow menu!

The price for a standard room during Royal Ascot week is around £580 per night. For this price, you have access to their spa, Michelin starred dining as well as 123 acres of Surrey countryside. With all they have to offer, it’s easy to see why they have 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor.

Pennyhill Park hotel near ascot racecourse

Royal Berkshire Hotel

Our next offering is an extremely popular option for Royal Ascot racegoers. The 4-star Royal Berkshire Hotel is around £170 per night and is just 2 miles from Ascot Racecourse.

With its affordability and close proximity to the racecourse, it’s easy to see why this is such a sought-after option for racegoers. With a 4-star Trip Advisor rating, each room is beautifully decorated and you will have access to the splendid Polo Bar. This gives you the chance to sip on some delightful cocktails in the evening – a perfect way to relax after a day at the races!

DoubleTree by Hilton St. Anne’s Manor

We’ve showcased the grand manor houses but what about the big-name chain hotels? Well here we have another popular option for racegoers; the DoubleTree by Hilton St. Anne’s Manor. A 4-star hotel, around £110 per night during Royal Ascot week and only 6 miles from the racecourse.

The hotel contains, a swimming pool and fitness centre (in case you wanted a bit of leisure time the next day!) With a 4-star rating on Trip Advisor, this is a more than a suitable option for your Royal Ascot adventure.

Lyndricks House

Our next option is a family run guest house in the heart of Ascot. Lyndricks House is a cosy 3-star guest house, less than 1 mile from Ascot Racecourse. At only around £75 per night, this is the most affordable option on our list.

Guests can take advantage of free parking and are even close enough to walk to the racecourse. This guest house definitely wins the award for both value for money and convenience. Very worthy of its 4.5-star Trip Advisor rating.

Highclere Hotel

We have another cosy, humble offering for you. The Highclere Hotel is set in the lovely Sunninghill, within walking distance to restaurants and shops and is just 1 mile away from Ascot Racecourse. The hotel is 3 stars and around £87 during Royal Ascot week. Trip Advisor reviewers speak very highly of the hotel, praising its friendly service and homely environment, with a well-deserved rating of 4.5 stars.

Premier Inn Bracknell

We couldn’t have a hotels list without including a good old Premier Inn, could we? Situated in Bracknell, this 3-star hotel is only 3 miles from the racecourse. At around £146 per night, this is a slightly cheaper option than the nearby Hilton. Although a lower star rating, the Premier Inn has managed to get a 4-star rating on Trip Advisor with reviewers praising the great service and location.

Stirrups Hotel

Another cosy family run hotel. The Stirrups is a 3-star gem with rooms only around £95 per night during Ascot week and just 3 miles away from Ascot Racecourse.

The hotel describes itself as a ‘home from home’, full of comfort and charm. You can unwind in the bar with a cheeky drink and some nibbles at the end of your thrilling race day and get a good night’s sleep in their comfy rooms. A well earned 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor.

Royal Forresters

A historic building, situated in the heart of Ascot, The Royal Forresters is only 1 mile away from Ascot Racecourse. An impressive 3-star offering with a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor, a room is around £494 per night during Ascot week. With a rustic yet modern interior, complete with boutique rooms, this is a stylish yet convenient choice for your Royal Ascot visit.

Travelodge Bracknell Central

We also couldn’t have a hotels list without including a Travelodge option! A 2-star hotel, located in central Bracknell is around £165 per night during Ascot week and 3 miles away from Ascot racecourse. A great value budget hotel, this is just a short walk from Bracknell town centre and in an ideal location for your trip to the racecourse. With a 4-star rating on Trip Advisor, this is a fantastic option for your accommodation.

Horse parading at Ascot Racecourse, Queen Anne Enclosure - Royal Ascot 2024

Air BnBs near Ascot Racecourse

In addition to the excellent selection of hotel scattered around Ascot, an Air BnB is also an option. There are a number of homes near Ascot racecourse available on the Air Bnb site, so it may be worth checking there prior searching for hotels and seeing if you can bag yourself a bargain!

Other Recommendations

It’s worth noting that the Ascot website also has a list of their own personal hotel recommendations. Some of their choices can be found on our list as well as some fresh suggestions. Check it out and make your choice.

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