Royal Ascot Dress Code

What is the Ascot dress code?

Although other racing events encourage a refined sense of style, Ascot is renowned for the strictness of its dress code. Woven into the fabric of the event, Regency fashion arbiter Beau Brummel dictated the dress code for men in the 19th Century, and the formal tradition continues to this day.

Royal Enclosure
The most prestigious enclosure at Ascot demands a dress code to match. Women are required to wear dresses of modest lengths with straps of one inch or greater. Jumpsuits and trousers suits are welcome but must be of a matching colour. Hats or larger headpieces are also a requirement. Men must wear a black or grey morning dress, with a top hat.

Queen Anne Enclosure
Named for the event’s founder, steeped in pedigree and featuring such luxurious facilities as the Royal Ascot Pavilion, this enclosure’s dress code follows similarly. Women are required to wear formal dress, with strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses not permitted. Rules on headwear are relaxed, however, with guests allowed to express themselves with all manner of hats, headpieces and fascinators. Men must wear a full-length suit with a tie at all times.

Windsor Enclosure
A more casual experience but no less befitting of the style and elegance Ascot is known for, the Windsor Enclosure requires women to wear formal dress but gives more opportunity for guests to express themselves with different cuts and headwear. Men may also forgo a suit and tie, with a jacket, shirt and long trousers being the only necessities.

Village Enclosure
The dress code for the glamorous enclosure is similar to those above. Guests are expected to resemble the elegance and formality of the Royal Ascot whilst attending the village enclosure. Ladies must always wear a suitable headpiece, whilst strapless or sheer tops/ dresses are not permitted. The Village enclosure is a grassed area; therefore, guests are encouraged to consider this when deciding on suitable footwear. Gentlemen are required to wear a full-length suit & tie attire.

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