Royal Ascot Race day Hospitality

Royal Ascot 2021: A Beginner’s Companion

Royal Ascot is revered for its high fashion, exceptional racing and fine dining experiences – not to mention the royalty that graces the event each year.

The racing spectacular takes place over five days with up to six world-class races taking place each day, accompanied by a number of other must-see happenings. So, for the new racegoer, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed.


Being one of the most prestigious events in the horse racing calendar, The Royal Ascot attracts the finest from the equestrian world to compete for huge sums of money. Last year a record amount of £13,452,000 was the total sum in prize money, so its no wonder that racegoers are eager to bet.

For the novice, placing a bet on a horse may seem like a complex task but it is easy to enjoy a “flutter” at the races without breaking the bank.

First, buy a Racecard, or look through the Racing Post which lists the names of all the horses to be competing for that day, as well as their jockey and trainer, which tends to be an effective way of identifying your winner. This information is first available online five days before the event.

Check the condition of the track. It’s wise to remember that the track’s condition will impact a horse’s performance. Get your hands on the “going report” as this will inform you of the racing grounds moisture content and surface condition.

Check the odds! Low odds on a horse means that it is more likely to win, whereas higher odds indicate that it is less likely to win. Keep in mind that odds will fluctuate until the race commences.

Now decide whether you want to bet “To Win” or “Each Way”. Betting “To Win” is as simple as it sounds, the horse you bet on must win in order for you to make a return. To bet “Each Way” is double the cost but means that you win if your horse finishes first, second, third, or fourth (dependant on how many runners there are).

Where to find the best views…

Royal Enclosure

Unprecedented views of all the horse racing action. It began as space exclusively for Kings and Queens but now operates as membership-only enclosure.

The Royal Enclosure also has VIP gazebos inside the Winning Post Gardens for its exclusive members.

Queen Anne Enclosure

At the east end of the revered grandstand, you’ll find the Garden Club which is an idyllic space comprising of elevated views of the tracks closing furlongs. Truly stunning views for witnessing the horses battle for glory.

In the luxurious Silks Lawn, private gazebos overlook the track, which again offers striking views of the racing action.

The Queen Anne Enclosure also allows its guests to enjoy front row seats of the Royal Procession, as well as close access to the Parade Ring and Winners Enclosure.

Village Enclosure

This is the newest enclosure to The Royal Ascot – only opened in 2017! The Village Enclosure offers a modern take on the horse racing experience. Situated inside of the track and facing the iconic grandstand, this enclosure provides unique and immersive views for its guests.

Windsor Enclosure

The Windsor Enclosure is located along the straight. Here, you’ll be the first to witness the Royal Procession and the horses in action as they charge towards the winning post!

Style Guide…

First time attending one of the most prestigious meetings of the horse racing season? Stressing over what to wear? We’ve got all the tips for you right here.

Think traditional, think regal, think formal.

Ladies, if you’re in the Royal Enclosure or the Queen Anne Enclosure strapless and sheer dresses or tops will not be permitted. All dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and trouser suits must fall at or below the knee. Hats or headpieces must be worn at all times.

Gentleman, in the Royal Enclosure you are to wear either black or grey morning dress and that should be paired with a black or grey top hat. However, if you are in the Queen Anne Enclosure a full-length suit of matching colour and a formal tie, which must be worn at all times will suffice. Socks must also be worn.

In the Village Enclosure, formality eases a little and ladies may now wear either a hat, headpiece or fascinator of any sort. Again, strapless and sheer dresses or tops, including off-the-shoulder wear is impermissible.

Gentlemen in the Village Enclosure may now wear a jacket with full-length trousers should they choose to. Bow ties and cravats may also be worn in this enclosure.

There is no official dress code in the Windsor Enclosure but ladies and gentleman are encouraged to wear formal attire. Moreover, it only adds to the Royal Ascot experience!

Also, don’t be too fashionably late. You’d want to avoid the crowds and arrive in good time to see all the racing action.

For a more in-depth account of what to wear visit our Royal Ascot 2021: Dress Code page.

Enhancing your experience…

Want to make the most of your Royal Ascot experience? Get an upgrade.

From fine dining to exclusive bars; afternoon tea to private boxes. All ticket holders can enhance their racing experience with a hospitality package, which provides a truly unique experience.

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